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Narritive Description Of Network Diagram Essay

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Narrative Descriptions of Network Diagrams for Riordan Manufacturing

The set of network diagrams for Riordan Manufacturing consists of five (5) diagrams. They are:

1) Riordan Manufacturing – Network Overview
a) This diagram shows the 4 physical locations of Riordan Manufacturing interconnected by a WAN. The WAN connection between corporate headquarters and the China facility is specifically defines as a satellite link. Along with the location pictorial is a listing of the main functions taking place at that location, and also the number of current employees at that location.
2) Riordan Manufacturing Corporate Headquarters
a) The network diagram for the corporate headquarters is ...view middle of the document...

The second part of the communications environment is a router to provide a T3 connection through a firewall to the outside network.
3) Riordan Manufacturing – Albany, GA Network Diagram
a) The Albany network includes 20 office computers for the administration people in the facility. The local server is an HP BL460P blade server, which handles local print; file, exchange and interfaces back to the home office. A local NAS system provides local data backup. A 5KVA UPS is provides for power backup. A link to the router/firewall provides the T2 connection to the outside network. Internally the factory floor is connected to the main LAN through a 24 port Cisco switch.
4) Riordan Manufacturing – Pontiac MI Network Diagram
a) The Pontiac network includes 45 office computers for the administration people in the facility. The local server is an HP BL460P blade server, which handles local print; file, exchange and interfaces back to the home office. A local NAS system provides local data backup. A 5KVA UPS is provides for power backup. A link to the router/firewall provides the T2 connection to the outside network. Internally the factory floor is connected to the main LAN through a 24 port Cisco switch.
5) Riordan Manufacturing China Headquarters.
a) The network diagram for the China facility is a composite of a number of sections: Note...

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