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Continuous Writing. (Narrative Essay) – Begin your story with “..She came into the classroom looking very sad …
She came into the classroom looking very sad because she could not accept the really good words, that is ‘I love you’ from Jeremy. She remembered when knew she actually likes Tae Kyung, Jeremy ran with tears on his face and went to the place he usually goes. So, she chased after Jeremy and found out that Jeremy as on the bus alone. Then, she boarded the bus, and saw Jeremy was leaning his back against the window and he looked upset. Then, she approached Jeremy and stared at him. But Jeremy still ...view middle of the document...

But I hope it doesn’t become words that don’t want to hear, words that are meaningless or words that cause sadness.” Jeremy said meaningfully. Her eyes was on him all the time. She tried to smile but it was all useless because seeing Jeremy’s face that time was just like looking in hell. Jeremy was never at such that condition before. He was a joyful and cheerful guy.

The words I Love You are very good words,
when our family wake up in the morning,
these words we say to one another.
The words I Love You, Jeremy wants to give that child,
Because those words are good,
I’m excited all day long

She was speechless when Jeremy sang that song. She can’t stop crying. Even that song was a cheer song, but Jeremy can’t sing it well. He was crying and so did she.
“They are very good words.” She added.
“But you can’t accept those words, right Go Mi Nam?” It was true. I can’t accept those beautiful words. Then she begged for his apologize, and Jeremy seemed like he can’t forgive her. All he said was, he can’t be all right. But when the bus stopped, he would be allright. Go Mi Nam was stunned again. Yes, she wanted the old Jeremy, but in that condition, she would let Jeremy to cry and when the bus stopped, they would be fine again.
A few minutes later, the bus started to stop. Jeremy looked at her and rushed out of the bus. Go Mi Nam walked slowly as she was very sad. Although Jeremy was going to be fine, deep in her heart, she knew that Jeremy would never going to be fine.
“When we get off the bus, I’ll be the fun-loving Jeremy again.” The last moment they were on the bus, Jeremy told her that. She was shocked. She didn’t even spoke one word.
Then, Jeremy get off the bus. Standing still and waited patiently, while Go Ni Nam was still on the bus, speechless. Suddenly, Jeremy looked at her, and with his cheerful voice, happy face, he said,
“Go Mi Nam, come on quickly!”
“If you miss this, you’ll have to ride this bus once again.”
After that, she quickly get off the bus and Jeremy grabbed her shoulder and embraced her.
“Go Mi Nam, want to go eat ice-cream?” She knew, Jeremy was just pretending to be happy but deep inside, he was hurt. Badly hurt. To not upset him, she accepted the invitation to eat ice-cream.
“Hey buddy! What’s up?” Go Mi Nam was shocked because all of a sudden someone tapped behind her.
“Why are you so sad today?” Asked her friend.
“Cheer up babe!” Her other friend greet her. Go Mi Nam said nothing. She doesn’t have mood to talk. She just wanted to be alone, to relax her mind. She heard her friends talking about her. She just ignored what they said.
“Babe, what is wrong with that punk? Usually, she is the happiest person ever exist in this world. But now she looks like a mother who lost a child!” Her friends kept on talking about her. Ah, she doesn’t care! All she wanted was to go back home.
Ringgggg!!!!Yes!The bell has rung.It was time to go back home. She rushed out of the school. All of a sudden,...

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