Narrative Essay (English Comp 1)

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Narrative Essay
A Trip I’d Like To Take

I’ve always thought that traveling is so spontaneous, adventurous, and life changing. To me, it just means that we get the opportunity to discover and learn new things that other places have to offer. Considering this, I have tried to be content with the places I’ve traveled throughout my life; Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, New York etc. Recently I started to think about escalating my travels to new locations. And, to start with, I attempted to figure out where I wanted to start.
While traveling to the places I have, I discovered that perhaps the most irritating aspect for me was that all these places are cliché, “Niagara Falls”, “The Islands”, and “The Big Apple”. I told myself, “The next place I travel will ...view middle of the document...

I’m literally excited by the immensity that the culture has to offer and the amazing feeling of a new surrounding. I hope that when I first visit Spain, I’ll be eager to return and motivated to go outside my boundaries and travel onto even deeper countries. Every time I visit a historical or famous site I’ll wonder: do people such as myself come here for the same reason that I’m here? “Wow, this is incredible, this very moment will be one of my greatest memories,” I’d say to myself.
I’m still making my decision within the next couple of months for this trip. During this time period, I hope to make firm efforts to recall every detail I want to pursue on the journey. Where the most pleasant memories would be made is important. I’d very much enjoy learning about the different aspects of the way of life in Spain, such as, people’s occupation, traditions, communication, geographical location, transportation and so on. I’d definitely compare and contrast my lifestyle to theirs.
Amongst Spain, other places I thought of were Bali, Fiji, Italy, Norway, Nepal, and even exquisite exotic countries, such as Madagascar and Aruba. But, after a period of deep consideration, I finally stopped dreaming about it and chose create a so called “bucket list” of each event I wanted to accomplish and experience in each new location. My list looked exactly like what I had been imagining: running with the bulls in Spain, riding an elephant in Nepal, scuba diving in Fiji etc. So as my journey continues I’m hoping to experience each and everything I’ve been craving to achieve.
“Well, seems like I’ve found the most ideal places for myself to travel to and explore,” I said to myself, and started to arrange the formalities. But that’s a completely different story.

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