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Experienced in Slow Motion.

We were all young, reckless, and filled with false pretense of being knowledgeable at a young age; this is the wonders of youth. I will admit that I did not stray to far from everyone else. An eye opener for me happened when I first started driving. Normally people are taught starting with their parents then moving on to a more official driving course or further parent tutoring. For myself it happened in the narrow and crowded streets of Japan without the nagging of my parents. It took me one reckless day of driving to see things at a different perspective. It is easy to dive in head first into your actions without prior thought, no matter the outcome, and ...view middle of the document...

The roar of my engine furthered the rush I was getting, hindering my ability to make good choices. He pulled to the far lane while I gravitated to the left one hoping to gain an upper hand. It leveled the race again and I saw my chance to grab the lead. A gap with a car in front of me and one to the right lane was the opening I saw. I turned the wheel sharply into the small window I was given; trying to clutch this race, and my as rear end attempted to follow my two wheels into the lane I lost control. The brief period I was swerving from lane to lane, miraculously avoiding the numerous and unsuspecting cars, lasted for what seemed like hours. Inside my car things were bouncing around the worn seats and dusty floors, adding to the hysteria. A break in the cars 100 meters since the start of this nightmare allowed me to catch my breath and try to situate myself. I noticed my rival no where to be found and one car unaware of my tank heading towards their direction. At my final swerve my rear end caught him and glanced. It allowed me to regain control and allowed me to finally stop in the middle of an intersection.

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