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Narrative: A Magical Summer Essay

1172 words - 5 pages

FROM: Madlen Davenport
DATE: 17 September 2013
SUBJECT: Narration Final

Germany 2006: A Magical Summer

Wow! What just happened? We had lost. Does that mean that all the last three weeks of great hopes, the permanent excitement about becoming champions in the European soccer Championship were gone forever? It was just devastating to see that wonderful dream vanish in a single second. We were so certain to walk out of this gigantic game as winners, yet suddenly we were the biggest losers. It hit us like an unexpected force of nature. At this particular moment a whole nation that had stood together as one for the first time in more than ...view middle of the document...

Many national teams stayed in Germany during that time such as the Brazilian team, the American team and many more, just to name a few, and everybody got along no matter if a team won such as the Spanish or lost such as the Americans. There were hardly any conflicts between them. It looked as if the world had finally come to peace and everybody, no matter what race or color could live side by side. There was something magical in the air, and everybody seemed to feel it. I’ve never experienced anything like this before, and I doubt that there will be anything in the future that will even come close to that special time, ever again.
The most surprising element was, however, how the Germans developed as a nation in those days. They grew tremendously in strength and pride, a pride they hadn’t been allowed to show for so many years since the war. All of a sudden the fear of being pointed at as “the bad German” was erased. After always being scared of showing national pride to the outside world, this fear just didn’t exist anymore. There were German flags everywhere, on houses, on cars and anywhere the eye could reach, something that would have been unimaginable just a few weeks before. The whole country seemed to submerge in the German colors. It was simply indescribable. People were saying that there was no other place in the world where they would rather be. The atmosphere was magical, and it seemed to be contagious. One could think that people had an extra dose of endorphins for breakfast every morning. It was unquestionably miraculous to see and feel a sense of honest patriotism that wasn’t misinterpreted as nationalism.
There were many articles in the world press everyday, trying to capture this moment of the ongoing celebrations. The whole world seemed to embrace the newly found pride and unity in Germany, and the sense of delight seemed to drag everybody along, which lasted to the end of the tournament – at least, almost to the end.
As with every other day in the past three weeks, the day of the semi-finals finally arrived. The Germans were positively convinced of mastering this match against the Italians, just like all the other games against the Costa Ricans, the Polish, the Ecuadorians, the Swedish, and the Argentineans in the weeks before. People were full of hopes; they were cheering, laughing, singing and...

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