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Narrative Essay

1186 words - 5 pages

Kelly Hoadley
Professor Gatto
Composition I
9 September 2010

How I Became The Reader & Writer I Am Today

Reading and writing never came natural to me. It’s like a skill you’re supposed to obtain as human beings, but I’ve must have been sick that day of school. I have great difficulty in understanding what I read, annotating what I just read, analyzing the reading, reading between the lines of what the author is trying to say, and organizing my thoughts and ideas on a piece of paper. It doesn’t help much that both reading and writing never was interesting to me. I found myself struggling throughout the years I’ve been in school to pass an English or composition class. I did, ...view middle of the document...

Most people cant read music, and I don’t mean the words, but more with the music notes. In order to comprehend how we were going to sing as a class, we first needed to understand that each note was a different sound, and was given a specific letter to recognize it. Teachers throughout my years taught me a way to remember the notes was the notes on the lines, E, G, B, D, F, could be remembered by making words with them. Some examples of this would be “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge”, or “Even God Buys Dog Food”. This became a fun, effective way to learn how to read music. It easy to remember the notes inside the spaces of the music staff lines because the letters inside the lines, F, A, C, E, spelled the word “face”.
After learning how to read the music notes, it was then learning the rhythms. First, we learned what a treble clef (or “G” staff) looked like, and what it was. For those who don’t know, a treble clef is the symbol at the beginning of a music staff to identify what kind of staff the music is portraying. (The treble clef is the most common type of staff, because the lines are the “E, G, B, D, F” and “FACE”. Other symbols change the notes around.) Then, it was learning what a quarter note is, what is looks like on the staff, and how to determine the rhythm of it by slapping our hand to our knees. We determined a quarter note was one full beat, this is when we slapped our hand down to our knee, up in the air, and then down once more to make one full beat. Eventually, we learn the basics on how to read a music staff.
Next came to the reading and comprehending part of music. In class, we would write down just the lyrics, or words, that were found under the music staff onto a separate sheet of paper. Afterwards, we read each sentences out loud, and after reading it out loud, the teacher would help us understand the mood and tone of the music, such as if the lyrics of the song read a more melancholy and the music was a darker tone, then the mood of the music would be a more dark, depressing theme. The teacher would do this to help us understand that when we sing this, it shouldn’t be a happy, smiling atmosphere if the song has a dark,...

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