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Napoleon The Greatest Player Of The Balance Of Power

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The balance of power is one of the most eternal themes of European diplomacy. Since 1648 to 1814, from the thirty years war to the decline of Napoleon, the main European powers were always trying to benefit themselves by playing the game of the balance of power. A great number of brilliant brains struggled to win, but only a few of them succeeded. Among these winners, Napoleon Bonaparte is remarkable. Not only because he was the one who broke the balance of power in Europe, he began to influence the balance of power since his early times, and expanded the balance of power system later by helping the US. In this paper, the term “balance of power” and Napoleon’s early victories will be ...view middle of the document...

The revolution caused a change of ideology in France, which suggested that citizens should have the same rights as monarchs. This is called a “political development” by Luard, but it frightened the monarchs all over Europe, since the stream of fighting for freedom might be spread out of France. Then the first coalition was formed, and the balance of power shifted at this moment. Despite the disunity of the coalition, its strength was still much stronger than French power. Without Napoleon, the French First Republic might be destroyed by the coalition, and become under control of monarchs again. Then the balance of power would resume its old track. However, this did not happen, largely because of Napoleon.
During 1793 to 1797, before his reign of France, as a young commander, Napoleon played an incredibly important role in the defeat of the first anti-French coalition. As T. M, Hunter points out, under the great background of the French Revolution, Napoleon was “in the right place to demonstrate his good judgment, tactical skill and loyalty to the government”. He gained both military and diplomatic victories. For example, when extending French power over those “natural frontiers” of France (Atlantic, Rhine, Alps and Mediterranean), Napoleon faced combined forces of Austrian and Piedmontese, which is much stronger than his force in both number and other aspects. Napoleon has only 37600 soldiers while his enemy has 56000, plus the low morale and poor equipment of the French army. However, Napoleon is astute enough to discover and use the defects of the Austro-Piedmonstese alliance, and finally gained the territory. France was in a very dangerous situation during that period: she suffered from both external invasion and internal resistance from the monarchs. On the other hand, the first coalition contained three major powers in Europe (Britain, Austria and Prussia). Apparently France was far less advantaged than the coalition. Surprisingly, France not only defended herself successfully, but even went beyond her own territories in the war. Without the contribution of Napoleon, this was less possible to happen.
This is how Napoleon influenced the balance of power in Europe even before his reign of France. With his great talent of tactic and strategy, Napoleon gained continuous victories which were nearly impossible for others. These victories smashed the coalition’s dream of crushing the French Republic. What is more important, Napoleon achieved political success by gaining military victories. Because of him, the French Republic survived. Then it was determined that the balance of power was not going to recover in a short time because of the difference between ideologies.
Napoleon’s impact on the balance of power became much stronger after he turned into the ruler of France. Among all the relations with other powers in Europe, the Anglo-French relation is the most crucial and complicated one. Therefore, it was able to reflect how Napoleon had...

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