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"Napoleon Bonaparte Investigating And Researching Task" Investigate And Research The Life Of Napolean And Discuss The Major Events In His Life And Mistakes

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Napoleon Bonaparte
Investigating and Researching Task

Napoleon Bonaparte


Napoleon Bonaparte was born in August the 15th 1769 on the island of Corsica. He was the second of eight children of Carlo (Charles). Since Corsica had recently become a part France after the king bought it off the Italians, his parents were then Italian and he French.
At the age of nine, Napoleon was sent to a school in France. He spent seven years in military schools learning many military tactics and strategies. It was said that he was mocked because of his size and that he could never become anyone of decent military rank. Some say that this is what made him do his utmost, just to prove them wrong. He ...view middle of the document...

Several times, he would have the people vote on issues which they previously had no say in the matter. The people trusted him and always gave their full support to all his issues he raised with them

Napoleon Bonaparte at St. Bernard - 1800.
As his armies marched across Europe, he did away with serfdom and spread liberty and equality. Napoleon spent his whole life working for France, whether he was working for his people or striving to reach his main goal, to have a united Europe all under the rule of one country - France. "He was like an expert chess player, with the human race for an opponent, which he proposed to checkmate," said Madame Germaine de Stael, a writer and intellectual. Many agree with Madame Germaine de Stael's remark, simply stating that in chess, victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake. In this game Napoleon seemed to be the last to make a mistake, what maybe the biggest mistake in his life - Napoleon had attempted to conquer Russia.

The Russian Campaign

Napoleon gathered a grand army of 655,00 men to attempt what no man had done before, invade Russia. He set out in the summer of 1812 to do his task with full confidence that he would win. The Russians once seeing the number of troops he had, hastily retreated further into their lands. Napoleon, on the offensive pursued the Russians deeper within their lands not yet realising the trap that he had sprung. The Russians, during their strategic retreat, destroyed whole villages, mills, farms and any other food source or resources that the French may have used during their chase.
The French had to dump supplies because of lack of horses to carry them and slowly all their supplies faded away including medicines and much needed rations. Finally when the French army was deep within the Russian lands. The Russian army turned around and fought. Napoleon defeated them in the battle of Borondo but not without casualties. Since all of his army were tired, hungry and thirsty, many had died during the battle. But all was not lost, Napoleon realised that he was past halfway to the capital and only needed to travel a little further to reach there, then he knew Russia would have to sign a peace treaty with him, which would then in turn, cut off all trade routes with Britain, giving him a distinct advantage.
Napoleon entered the capital in September 1812, only to find it evacuated and plundered of all its resources....

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