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Naomi Project Analyze A Selected Organization’s Environmental Factors (Legal, Social And Economic). Discuss The Operational, Managerial And Financial Issues. Provide A Discussion On The Impact Of Potential Change Factors

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Naomi Project

BUSN300: Lower Division Capstone

American InterContinental University

Dolce & Gabbana is a legendary company doing business with expensive perfumes and fashions. Companies like this can keep this status by knowing how to adjust to the economic and social environment. These companies are hasty in resolving any issues that steam from a number of things such as operational, financial, or managerial areas. This paper will be focusing on examining and determining the different areas in Dolce & Gabbana Company (D&G). One of the first areas of examination will be the legal side, which will include: the company's return and privacy policy (D&G Online Store, 2010). ...view middle of the document...

D&G's social environment is high fashion. The D&G perfume and clothing line is famous worldwide. Not only does D&G promote their own products, but they also showcase other designers. They allow a special place for upcoming talents to shine and to show the world. In the world of fashion, it is imperative to create and maintain connections with companies and individuals. This displays networking at its top notch and could extend the extent of D&G for many years to come (Dole & Gabbana: The Business, 2009). D&G is continually observing the world around them and making changes according to economics and society.

In 2009 Dolce & Gabbana in response to the economic crisis reduced their prices by 10 to 20 percent. D&G's focus is to work for the consumer. Many guarantees were given that the quality of the products would not decline. From a financial standpoint this was the best move that D&G could have made. When the economy changes those companies that desire to remain on top or even remain in business must be able to change with the current economic times. We've taken a look at the legal, social and economic areas of D&G now we will focus on the managerial, operational and financial issues of the company.

For acknowledgement of Naomi Campbell's 25th Anniversary in the modeling world, Dolce & Gabbana initiated the "Naomi Project". The project has an assortment of limited edition shirts. This project contains 14 different t-shirts designed by a handful of photographers and it will be distributed to select locations around the world (Dolce & Gabbana for Naomi, 2010). This project has all the crucial features of an exceptional event with many possibilities for problems. The Project Manager (PM) has several tasks ahead. First, contact and/or organize all the photographers. Second, the PM must schedule and have meetings. Third, the PM must decide the exact number of individuals needed to complete the entire project. Fourth, the PM must set and maintain the deadlines. Finally, room must be allocated for any adjustments. The PM's duties do not end there, but these are the most important ones to be taken care of.

This project had a deadline for 8 months to be completed. Groundwork started in January and the conclusion for the project was set for between September 10th and October 20th.

The time span for the project was as follows:

January to March: contained contacting and establishing photographers.

March to May: included setting up and having several meetings. 14 backups and 14 originals photos were selected. Advertising department started the promotions, staff was decided and deadlines were discussed and set.

May to July:...

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