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Name Of Logic And Perception Essay

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Families surviving on Welfare and Low-Wage work? Are they living well? Growing up in a city environment I was surrounded with families living on food stamps, medicare and any other government assistance they could get. My negative feelings was that making ends meet and trying to better their lives was not all they were trying to accomplish. Lives free of work, free of responsibilities, a life living on the goodness and the generosity of our government. After many years of seeing this my mind was made up, these people did not want to better themselves or their children's life. After much research, and a personal encounter with the system I came to realize that this was not so for many ...view middle of the document...

Questions that had gone through my mind were answered when my own mother had to go on welfare to support our family. Did my single mother do this because she did not want to work to provide for her self and her children? No, of course not but with three small children and very little education she could not locate a job that paid her enough for her to be able to afford day care, food, and rent. If she could not count on family and friends to help, what was she to do? Working for minimum wage she could hardly afford to pay the monthly rent.
I questioned the government how can the government not find a way to help in providing an allowance for housing? In return my mother would show a responsible sense for the help that was being provided to her and in return she would work towards furthering her education, and a better life for her children.
What did single mothers do before there was welfare? The children were given up for adoption, sent to live with relatives, this is how many single mothers survive today. How can a family be expected to live on a threshold of the poverty line? Nearly six of ten children living with a single mother are near (or below) the poverty line. Employment is an important reason, there are 7.4 million children living with a single mother who is unemployed or not in the labor force. One and a half million children live in the homes of grandparents with neither parent...

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