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N V Q 4 Hsc41 Essay

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Nvq 4

SHC Advanced communication Skills
Theories and models of good practice in communication can be demonstrated verbally, Individuals views and opinions must be respected and efforts must be made to gain individuals trust and confidence whilst communicating.
Individual’s confidentiality must be maintained as this falls under the data protection act. If an individual’s communications needs are not met then all there aspects of daily living will and can be effected , like not being able to express their needs, wants and wish’s and this in turn will impact you being able to meet that individuals needs and there for you may be denying their human rights .
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This is a multi-faceted and this means we can change when we are in contacted and in different situations with others .This can help explain how people and individuals express personality through their behaviours. In relation to Lasswells model of communication the focus of this is the individual elements of communication.
.WHO (refers to the communicator)
.What (The context of what is being communicated)
.Effects (the impact and result of what the outcome of the information communicated)

Using Laswells model can help us weigh up the impacts of the ways we communicate with people and gives a very useful tool to assess the ways we are going to communicate with individuals and how they may receive and react to information

1.2 Analyse why individuals communicate
Communication is the most important too people use to help meet the complex and detailed needs of an individuals. We communicate to express our feelings, wants, wish’s and desires and preferences. Individuals communicate with staff so staff understand their needs and can ensure that the individuals needs are being met. It is very important for the individual to have the options and choices available to them in order for then to be about to make more informed complex decisions for themselves. Communication between the individual and care staff is important to understand their feelings and emotions and to show them that they are valued by others.

Colleague communicate with each other within the data protection act to produce and effective working environment and this ensure that Health and safety issues are reported , managed monitored and rectified. Staff communicate with each other to give and receive support for the individuals best interests as well as sharing’s relevant information with health professionals to help obtain the best quality services for the individual.
People communicate for the basic need to relay information, this may be for different reasons
.To express needs
.to share ideas and information
.to express feelings and emotions
.ask questions
.To socialise
.To give instructions or encourage
.To share experiences
Individuals can communicate to express their needs and personal preferences to help ensure there needs are met and express their spiritual and cultural beliefs. This also allows us to discuss options and allows the individual to make informed decisions. People need to share information and ideas that they have as this will allow knowledge to be shared so will impact on their care you provided and allow staff to provide a person cantered approach to every individual.
People have the right to ask questions and question there care or decisions make for them or on their behalf and question what happens in regards to their wellbeing .When people are in need of
comfort or what to express emotion , they need to be given time to express their feelings and the right environment to do so . Effective...

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