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N; S; Lsksjs Essay

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Absolute Value Functions
An absolute value function is a function that contains an algebraic expression within absolute value symbols. Recall that the absolute value of a number is its distance from 0 on the number line.
The absolute value parent function, written as f(x) = |x|, is defined as

To graph an absolute value function, choose several values of x and find some ordered pairs.

Plot the points on a coordinate plane and connect them.

Observe that the graph is V-shaped.
(1) The vertex of the graph is (0, 0).
(2) The axis of symmetry ( x = 0 or y -axis) is the line that divides the graph into two congruent halves.
(3) The domain is the set of all real numbers.
(4) The range ...view middle of the document...

Numeric. The number of the segment to extract.
Optional. Character. The character or character string to use as a text qualifier. You must enclose the text qualifier in quotation marks. If the quotation mark is used as the text qualifier, the character string and the text qualifier quotation marks must differ from each other. For example, if the file contains single-quotation-mark text qualifiers, you must enclose the character string in double quotation marks.
The SPLIT( ) function breaks character data into segments based on separators such as spaces or commas and returns a specified segment. The segment is returned as a fixed length string which is equal to the length of the input string. If the specified segment does not exist in string, the output is a string of spaces. You can use this function to extract data from a record or field.
The characters between two separators make up a segment. When the source string begins with a separator, the segment that follows the separator is treated as segment two. The comparison of the strings is case-sensitive.
A variety of characters, such as commas, semicolons, tabs, pipes (|), or spaces can separate fields. The same range of characters can also represent text qualifiers, which distinguish punctuation that serves as text from punctuation that serves as field separators. For example, in a comma-delimited file, the quotation marks around the field “Last name, First name” indicate that the comma represents text rather than a field separator.
The optional text_qualifier parameter is designed for use with data imported from delimited files. The parameter is used to indicate instances of separator that you do not want SPLIT( ) to treat as a separator.
Example | Return value |
SPLIT(“seg1,seg2,seg3”, “,”, 2) | “seg2” |
SPLIT(“seg1,seg2,seg3”, “,”, 3) | “seg3” |
SPLIT(“seg1/*seg2/*seg2”, “/*”, 3) | “seg3” |
SPLIT(“Jane Doe”, “ “, 2) | “Doe” |
SPLIT(“seg1,seg2,,seg4”, “,”, 3) | “”The third segment is empty. |
Extracting digits from a credit card number
The following example shows how the SPLIT( ) command can be used to remove dashes from a credit card number. Variables are used to capture each segment of the credit card number, and then the segments are concatenated together in an additional variable.
seg1 = SPLIT("4150-2222-3333-4444", "-", 1)
seg2 = SPLIT("4150-2222-3333-4444", "-", 2)
seg3 = SPLIT("4150-2222-3333-4444", "-", 3)
seg4 = SPLIT("4150-2222-3333-4444",...

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