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American peoples are getting fatter and fatter every year and today’s fast food industry is growing rapidly and attracting numerous misinformed customers daily with its low priced food and million dollar advertisements campaigns in our society. Eating fast food it the worst thing in your life and watching TV add up to a high risk for obesity and diabetes. Even if you eating fast food meals twice a week can causes you contribute abnormal glucose control. Fast food chains do not alert to all customers to the hazardously high calorie and fat content of the food they offer.
Now a days, there are so many fast food restaurant becoming a cheap and yet a popular way for people who are too busy or lazy to cook. But the cheap price of the fast food is nothing in comparison to the true price that these people are paying in hospital. I ...view middle of the document...

There are type two diabetes, people’s muscles and fat and, lose the ability to take in a sugar called glucose from their blood. The glucose builds up and reaches high levels and because of this they get damage to the eyes, loss of feeling and heart disease. Most of the people who have type two of diabetes are obese or overweight. After long-term study between the link of fast food, obesity and diabetes were tested. It compared the people who would eat fast food at least twice a week to the people who ate it less than once a week. The results showed that the people who are more fast food gained about 8 pounds more then the people who are it less than once a week over a sixteen-year period. Eating fast food can cause many diseases such as Hypertension, Heart Disease, and Cancer and, Gall Bladder Disease, which is one of the worst forms of food poisoning.
In conclusion, Obesity can be divided into three main causes people’s lifestyle, diet and education. Fast food can have severe health and social effects on many individuals. I believe in the United States with over seventy percent of Americans being overweight. Therefore, the society attitude toward food and change in lifestyle leads to the over consumption of convenient fast food, causing obesity. The lack of education about fast foods and dieting also causes obesity. One of the main reasons of obesity is change in lifestyle. Many families do not consume a balanced diet that includes, fruits, vegetables, meats, and dairy products in healthy proportions. A second cause of obesity is poor diet. People should learn to choose healthy food instead of fast food and decrease their chances of becoming obese. Many people in the United States are working long hours, more shifts or extended school days, and do not exercise regularly. Also, women that are part of the work force now has less time to find ingredients to prepare healthy family meals and so therefore fast food is more convenient.

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