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Myths Of Innovation Reflection Essay

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MGT 573: Creativity in Business

Prof. L. Gundry

Paper 1: “Myths of Innovation” Reflection

Sean W. Campbell

Overall, I found the book very insightful, creative, and thought provoking. Ultimately, it confirmed thoughts we already had about innovation and how novel ideas were born, it merely highlighted them for amplified recognition. We know that ideas do not just come from nothing, it is a product of our experience in every-day life and work. Innovation and inventions usually attribute their beginnings to already existing ideas and methods. The author, Scott Berkun, provides detailed ideas on how to foster innovation and creativity within the workplace. It’s also interesting to ...view middle of the document...

Have an open mind and ear to hear and consider these sources.

Chapter 7 gives five challenges often facing someone with an idea. The first of these is the life of an idea. An idea is derived from somewhere, whether it be from work or an outside factor. Often, ideas are brought forth from communication with others. Managers can foster the ability to communicate and encourage subordinates to do so with each other and with themselves. Communication is the door one would need to walk through to be on track to accomplishing an idea. Communication fosters the birth of ideas. Managers must strive to generate a creative environment, whether it be through a relaxed office atmosphere or supplying the necessary tools for people to use. Next, once an idea is brought forth, managers can protect these ideas from presumptive evaluations and premature rejection. It may be too early to decide whether or not an idea is valuable. They can add their own positive reinforcement or execute their positional powers to protect the person with the idea. Execution comes after, meaning a manager has to put forth some effort in valuing the credibility of the idea to assess if the idea has some worth. Only after making an idea an accomplishing the objective will those involved know if it is feasible. Even then, after an idea is executed there will always those who will have contrasting views. Constant persuasion and support of a worthy idea is a perpetual burden that exists throughout every step in the innovation process.

The “Myths of Innovation” has several, past references to work I’ve done within the MBA program at DePaul. Graduate-level students are required to work within groups constantly. Almost every class has a group assignment within it, whether it be a simple financial case study analysis or a quarter-long business simulation. Every group member has a duty to talk with each other to foster ideas in support of producing a solution to the task at hand. Creativity is not only used to think of ideas to approach a solution, but it’s also used in generating methods of how to deal with a group management. Example: if there are four questions to be answered, a team may divide...

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