Myth Symbol Ritual Chapter 1 Essay

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Chapter 1 Study Questions for Myth Symbol and Ritual
1) Symbols are the building blocks for life. They help us in life to communicate, learn, classify, bring out emotions, associate. The word Myth is actually Greek for throw together. They help us perceive.

The relationship between signifier, signified, and signification is not all the complex. The signifier is what we perceive. An example is that different symbols can be perceived by different ways by different people. If someone were to look at an arrow and perceive it one way, i might look at the arrow and perceive it another. The signified is what we give to the perception. This can obviously be different with different people because it relies on ourselves. The signification is what ties these different ...view middle of the document...

An example of a discursive symbol would be a symbol that is discrete and must be seen in a certain arrangement for one to understand. A presentational symbol must be perceived as a whole like a painting. An iconic symbol must be involved with geometric relationships. Pictures that have translated images. A metaphor symbol implies a comparison. For example a metaphor is a comparison between to things so a symbol using this technique would be the sun being a symbol for heat. Hierophany symbols bring back sacred things to life.

5)According to the Gestalt Theory this is how these concepts relate to figure ground theory:
Focus - focusing on the foreground
Distraction - many things in our surroundings can be distracting while trying to perceive
Disagreement - different perceptions by different people can cause disagreements
Absent Mindedness - someone who is absent minded most likely will not have as imaginative perceptions as someone with a great imagination.
Concentration - concentration can be a benefit or possibly a fault when trying to perceive something. When we took the personality test the first day of class we were told not to think too much
Multitasking - Multitasking while trying to perceive something would definitely be a tough task.

A myth is a guide. They are generally looked at as common beliefs that are untrue but that is not the case. They are true. What makes them true is the effectiveness of them. That is one of the main characteristics of a myth. Also, language and guidance are other main characteristics.

7) Characteristics of rituals must be consistency. If something is to become a ritual they have to be done on a consistent basis or it is not necessarily a ritual. The mythic worldview uses rituals to help portray how myths guide and affect people.

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