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The stories of “regime change” is various, it contains about patriots and scoundrels, high motives and low cynicism, extreme courage and cruel betrayal.” (Kinzer, p.2) America’s “regime change” era started from 1893 with taking Hawaii. And ask the questions. “First, why did the United States carry out these operations? Second, what have been their long-term consequences?” (Kinzer, p.2) We might find answers to these questions in this book. America is only decisive country in the overthrow of their governments during the 1960’s. And William Howard Taft, in 1909, was the first president who ordered the overthrow of Nicaraguan president Jose Santos Zelaya. His claim was to protect America security and promote democratic principles, but the truth was to protect the rights of American companies in ...view middle of the document...

“Successive presidents have agreed that this is a good way to promote American interests.” (Kinzer, p.3) And other obvious thing is always weak nations are attacked by strong nations since the beginning of history as this book said first paragraph. They are doing to get better things and taking national power. However, at the end of World War II, the political situation had become much more complex than before the World War II. America was getting lose their power, no longer useless their military power. Therefore America brought in a more subtle technique, the coup d’etat to depose foreign governments. “In Iran, Guatemala, South Vietnam, and Chile, diplomats and intelligence agents replaced generals as the instruments of American intervention.” (Kinzer, p.5) But these were also uncontrolled to foreign leaders because they learned how to resist them. Consequently, the United States had no more military pressure to the other nations. “That left it free to return to its habit of landing troops on foreign shores.” (Kinzer, p.5) Before and after there were many invasions to the weak nations and tried to overthrow a foreign government. “As a result most “regime change” operations have achieved their short-term goals,” (Kinzer, p.6) but it is sure that the power of America is weaker than before.
As I read this introduction of Overthrow by Kinzer, I knew that the United States was stronger than today in their “regime change” century, although the power was had become weaker. I learned nowadays the United States was made by many invasions to the other countries, and overthrow of a foreign government. They probably learned how to control their nation and overthrow their country by taking many years to get their power. This book explains a lot of the true reasons that I never thought and experienced and tells what was actually happened in early America.

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