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Mystic Monk Essay

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Mystic Monk Coffee

Case 1 Teaching Note Mystic Monk Coffee



his 4-page case requires that students consider the future direction of a monastery located in Clark,
Wyoming and evaluate the vision, strategy, and business model of the fledgling Mystic Monk coffee
business. As the case unfolds, students will learn of Father Daniel Mary’s vision to build a new Mount
Carmel in the Rocky Mountains and transform the small brotherhood of 13 monks living in a small home used as
makeshift rectory into a 500-acre monastery that would include accommodations for 30 monks, a Gothic church,
a convent for Carmelite nuns, a retreat center for lay visitors, ...view middle of the document...

The unusual topic
of the business ventures of cloistered monks, student familiarity with the coffee industry, and the very close
connection between the case and the material in Chapters 1 and 2 make this an especially good leadoff case. You
may want to consider covering Chapter 1 in your first day’s lecture, Chapter 2 on your second day’s lecture, and
then assigning Mystic Monk Coffee for class discussion on Day 3.
We suggest use of a teaching plan that focuses on Father Daniel Mary’s strategic vision for the monastery and
its coffee operations and Mystic Monk Coffee’s strategy and business model. Of course, there is the opportunity
for students to make recommendations regarding the strategic issues confronting the monastery and its coffee

Videos for Use with the MMC Case. There is an accompanying 3:47-minute video available at YouTube

that you might want to show the class (or have students watch on their own). The video gives a short introduction
to the Carmelite Order and might help students understand the belief and priorities of a monk. There is also
4:16-minute video at YouTube that discussed the relationship between spiritual capital, virtue, and business that
you might consider having students watch prior to discussing the case.

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Case 1 Teaching Note Mystic Monk Coffee

The assignment questions and teaching outline presented in upcoming sections of this TN reflect our thinking
about how to conduct the class discussion of the Mystic Monk Coffee case.
It is really very difficult to have an insightful and constructive class discussion of the Mystic Monk Coffee case
unless students have not only read the case but also conscientiously worked their way through a set of wellconceived study questions before they come to class. In our classes, we expect students to bring their notes to
the study questions to use/refer to in responding to the questions that we pose. Students often find having a set
of study questions is useful in helping them prepare oral team presentations and written case assignments—in
addition to whatever directive questions you supply for these assignments.
To facilitate your use of study questions and making them available to students, we have posted a file of the
Assignment Questions contained in this teaching note for the Mystic Monk Coffee case on the student section
of the publisher’s Online Learning Center for the 19th edition ( (We should also
point out that there is a set of study questions posted in the student section of the OLC for each of the 30 cases
included in the 19th edition.)
You may also find it beneficial to have your class read the Guide to Case...

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