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My Writing History Essay

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As a boy growing up in Redlands , CA. education didn't seem very important to the big picture in life. I was too consumed with the daily rigors of a California teenager. My parents did little to give me guidance in my schooling and choices involving education decisions.
I was not forced by my parents to read or write much as a adolescent. Had my parents been a little more controlling when I was younger , I may not be in the predicament that I'm in as of late.I'm nearly thirty seven years old and still trying to complete a Criminal Justice degree, I started when I was eighteen.My current grades are not as poignant as I would like them to be. My reading and ...view middle of the document...

Lopez class, the way I wrote was just straight to paper. I did not use outlines or brainstorming. After I had learned the writing process, my compositions had a more refined appearance.
In my Junior year, Mrs. Blankenship was my instructor and her teaching style was different which captivated many, but perplexed me! I did not understand what she felt was necessary in a paper to receive an appropriate grade. At that particular time, I felt as if my writing was being bound by certain requirements and I did not want my writing to suffer because of those requirements, therefore I wrote the way I desired. My grades consequently did suffer, but I believe my writing had shown a great deal of improvement during my struggle that I called high school.
Over the years I've seen my writing improve exceeding my expectations, seeming that I hadn't received a satisfactory writing education until my entry in high school. There has been many particular things that I have seen improve in my writing. The method I use to write has been taught to me and now I use it unceasingly no matter when I'm writing. Another improvement that I noticed in my writing has been my ability to sharpen my creativeness. My vocabulary proficiency though, leaves a great deal to be desired from a teacher or reader whoever that may be.
One thing I've learned through my writing is that many people may find it lacking in numerous ways, but if I'm positive that my writing came from within and I have done all that I can in the allotted time to make it as satisfactory as I could, then I'm content with my work.

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