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My World View Essay

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Part 1: Define precisely and defend robustly your own worldview.

The three components that make up my personal worldview are God, ethics, and spiritual knowledge - because they play a vital role in all my thoughts, experiences, and life decisions. Putting God first in my life is at times quite difficult. For a Christian, it may be the most difficult thing to do. As an indication of faith it’s probably designed to be difficult. God has immense knowledge to communicate to each one of us, but He must always be put first in our lives if we are to obtain the knowledge. Since I’ve learned to view my life from God's endless perception it has become easier to comprehend what will last eternally ...view middle of the document...

It is important for Christian police officers who are beginning their profession into law enforcement to be well grounded in their worldview. The more assurance and confidence Christian officers have in their worldview, then the more structured and operational they will be during the times when their principles and ethics are challenged.
Law enforcement officers are constantly having their personal beliefs put to the test. On daily basis police officers encounter new issues, and ultimately it is up to the individual officer to handle it. Law enforcement is truly a profession that is unpredictable. Rookie police officers need to make a fine-tuning in their life and introduce a practice to be razor-sharp and ready at all times. Police officers have to carry out professionally and handle each situation properly, but the occupation requires each event to be conducted ethically and morally.
Even though ethics and morals are two different subject matters, they can be easily interchanged. Webster’s Pocket Dictionary, defines ethics as “the system of moral values; the principle of right or good conduct.” Since police have the duty of enforcing the law, they should look at themselves and constantly be sure they are abiding by the law. Law enforcement officers must not only act lawfully, they must also act ethically. Ethics looks at conduct of moral principles, which is set forth by a meticulous society or culture, laid down by a certain religion or established by a given subculture. Ethics itself can be defined in many ways, but generally the same concepts are applied. Ethics are principles of accepted rules of conduct for a particular individual or group as mandated by law, policy, or procedure. The distinctiveness of the law enforcement occupation causes trouble in abiding completely by these “rules” and “procedures.” The job of a police officer has a great deal of discretion and decision making that, at times, come with no advice or training.
The issue is that the moral process of the world is corrupted. Ethical considerations are fundamental to decisions involving discretion, force, and due process that necessitate people to make open-minded moral judgments. A higher level of judgment, thought process, and decision-making is expected of law enforcement officers by their superior officers, the department, and the general public.
Every police officer will usually have to recite the “Oath of Honor” that reads: On my honor, I will never betray my badge, my integrity, my character or the public trust. I will always have the courage to hold myself and others accountable for our actions. I will always uphold the Constitution and the community I serve.

Part 2: Compare your worldview to another one not actually covered by this course in a previous assignment. Demonstrate its superiority.
The worldview that I chose to write about is Nihilism. If one has a worldview of Nihilism they believe in nothing. Nihilism comes from the Latin word nihil, which...

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