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My Views About Science And Technology

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STIA’s essential goal is to produce graduates who can manage issues with a strong content of science and technology. STIA is the only SFS major to have a science requirement, and provides SFS students with the option of continuing in science after graduation in fields such as the environmental and energy sciences and medicine. The major provides comprehensive knowledge within four concentrations:
Environment and Energy 
This core offers an essential introduction to environmental science and global energy, as well as the political, historical, and economic factors that influence environmental and energy policy and the state of the global environment and supply of energy. STIA offers a wide range of environmental and energy courses, including water resources, geographic information science, geoscience, climate, soil and agriculture, environmental restoration and policy, energy resources and security, and sustainable energy technologies. Related resources include the University’s science departments and the numerous national agencies and organizations of Washington, DC.
Business, Growth and Development 
This core explores policy and management issues arising from advances in technology, while building essential skills in international business and economics. Coursework covers four main areas: economics and business (accounting, finance, and marketing); technological elements of business (information, biotechnology, energy, industry, and agriculture); and business-government relations from regional to international scales; and national technology and competitiveness strategies. Related resources include the SFS Program in International Business Diplomacy and the graduate program in Communications, Culture, and Technology.
Biotechnology and Global Health
Political, economic, cultural, and social factors influence world health as much as the traditional issues of medicine and public health. The challenges to health and society call for recognizing the close relationship between health and international affairs, and gives equal prominence to the public and the private sectors. This core area offers students courses spanning a broad range of topics from epidemiology to computational biology, health economics, biotechnology policy, medical bioethics, demography, and the politics of international health. Related resources include the School of Nursing and Health Studies and the Medical School.
Science, Technology and Security 
This core focuses on how science and technology affect existing and emerging security policy in the broader context of international politics. The key issues range from technology and military strategy to nuclear proliferation, testing, and monitoring, energy and security, communications and intelligence, weapons, and unconventional or emerging security threats, including terrorists, asymmetric and cyber warfare, organized crime, narcotics traffickers, and low-level conflict. Related resources include the Security Studies...

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