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My Three Angels Essay

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The plot of My Three Angels follows the Ducotel family and their general store that is in extreme debt during Christmas 1910, in the French Guiana. Coming from Paris, their evil-minded cousin, Henri Trochard, is planning to shut down the business and marry off his cold-hearted nephew, Paul; who the Ducotel’s daughter, Marie Louise is madly in love with. In desperate times the shops roof is in need of major repair so Felix Ducotel hires three convicts to fix it. These convicts overhear the problems of the family and plan to take matters into their own hands to assist them. Do the ends justify the means? This question exemplifies what the theme of the production is, it refers to the concept ...view middle of the document...

The evil cousin (Henri Trochard) and nephew (Paul) played by Jordan Coleman and Justin Holderman, tend to be very uptight and unsentimental to everyone surrounding them. The conflicts these characters face are unimaginable. Felix faces is business being shut down by Henri, his romantic daughter is in love with Paul even though he is engaged to another woman and the three convicts attempt to fix these issues by killing both the cousin and nephew.
According to class notes, one of Aristotle’s six elements of drama includes language/diction. This is an element that explains how the characters deal with certain obstacles and how they can usually express themselves within a heightened language. This was represented in My Three Angels during a multitude of instances. For example, Marie Louise was extremely dramatic, especially when representing her love for Paul. Her diction was always very light and delicate. However the mother, Emilie, was very stern and represented her role in a very strict diction. She was never lighthearted like her daughter and you could tell that by the way she spoke her lines. Overall, during the whole production the daughter, Marie Louise, stood out the most when having to deliver speeches and dialogue. This play is a comedy and by adding an overdramatic tone, it made her actions more memorable.
Another attribute to Aristotle’s six elements of drama would be music. The music within this production is very subtle and not very noticeable unless you play close attention. However, before the production started the music was very upbeat and comedic like. This was intriguing because when an audience member didn’t know what to expect of the play, it informed them that it was funny and enjoyable just by what they were hearing. During the actual play there was never a song playing, except for the occasional Christmas music, but occasionally you would hear crickets or bugs in the background. This aspect of the music was perfect, it was hard to notice at times but once you did it really brought out the setting of the play and added to the spectacle.
During our discussion in...

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