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My Test Essay

475 words - 2 pages

| | | | | | |
|OPERATION ACTIVITY: 0010 ...view middle of the document...

’S): | | | |
| | |* CHEMICAL ANALYSIS (TC) | | | |
| | |* TENSILE TESTS (TC) | | | |
| | |* IMPACT TESTS (TC) | | | |
| | |* HARDNESS TESTS (TC) | | | |
| | |+ Qualification Test Coupon (QTC) Test Results - Certifications shall include: | | | |
| | |effective case depth, surface hardness, case hardness, core hardness and | | | |
| | |surface carbon. | | | |
| | |+ Gear tooth geometry, (inspection chart) | | | |
| | |Profile deviations, | | | |
| | |Helix deviation (lead), | | | |
| | |Gear spacing, Pitch variation, | | | |
| ...

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