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My Teacher, My Hero Essay

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“My Teacher, My Hero”

"No one saves us but we ourselves-no one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path, teachers merely show the way."
Gone were the days when we spent our late nights indulging in comic books featuring our generation’s greatest heroes, sneaking past our bedtime to read Superman’s latest issue under the sheets while holding a flashlight, running around the house with our fists in the air and a cape zooming through our backs. Nowadays, all we have our noses stuck on are the not-so-thrilling sagas of Captain Algebra on Planet Geometry, Fantastic Physics and Heinous History, much to our dismay.
I never looked forward to closing in on my childhood and waking up to ...view middle of the document...

5 for the effort.” Must I confess, I am truly a lethargic individual, but these words made me change my ideals. Back then, I only took this statement literally, giving half a point for my classmate’s attempt of answering the problem. But as time went by, I realized that his words went far beyond the four corners of the classroom, and made me realize things within my own self. I found out that what we took for stringency was actually his way of preparing us for future hardships, disciplining us along the way.
“Should you find the need to copy your classmate’s assignment, learn from the experience so as not to be dependent upon them anymore in the future.” I grew up not asking for help from others, even from my own parents though with the exception of financial aspects, when it came to schoolwork. However, there were moments when it became hard on me and I felt like I would collapse any minute. Now, I’ve learnt to be more open regarding my situations, and realized that there are times when it’s necessary to seek out the guidance of others. As the saying goes, “No man is an island.” Luckily, he opened my eyes to the facts and showed me that such apothegms are not only meant to beautify the words of the speaker, but more importantly to educate the listener, and I for one am fortunate enough to have been part of his audience.
From then on, hesitations and such eluded my mind. I have started to take hold of the opportunities that come knocking on my door. There is no use to being shy and forlorn; as I transferred schools, his words never left my mind. I was no longer afraid of taking chances—chances of making friends, of meeting new people, and engaging in new activities. Truly, the height of the mountain’s...

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