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My School Essay

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My school is different from other schools and I love my school. I am penning down my thoughts on what makes my school different……..
Can you think of the place, where one meets children from different backgrounds, temperaments, some mischievous, some bright, some really cute. The challenge of discovering for yourself the magic of science in the laboratories, learning the skill of programming, making robots dancing to your tune in the computer laboratory, makes you feel like a magician. Could there be a better fairy land than a school which makes it possible for us to create all this? cool, where one makes friends, one plays, enjoys, learns and grows. Such a place, my friends, can only be a school!
Imagine how dull our lives would be if there were no schools. The open spacious grounds to run and ...view middle of the document...

I love my school; it is like the blood which flows in my veins, I cannot live without it. I am what I am because of this wonderful part of my life.My school is the temple of learning which I worship each day, without fail. It is here that I have learnt to differentiate between right and wrong, to read and enjoy what I read, the skill to manage my conflicts, the ability to modify my behavior, respect my elders and friends, be kind, compassionate, forgiving and good. I learn all this from my teachers who have these qualities and do not just ask me to be good. They make me understand, how to be good, by being good themselves. They never lose their patience, they do not scold, they just make us reflect over what we have done and what will be the consequences of our actions.
In other words they make us accountable for what we do. They forgive us for our mistakes and we learn to forgive others for theirs. When they teach, we are spell bound, we do not know how, but we keep on answering correctly, all the questions, which they put up to us? Learning can be fun is what you can experience in our school. We debate, discuss, question and then conclude. The best part is there are teachers, who learn with us, rather than making us learns.
Who would not want to remain 24 hours in a school like ours? We go on field trips, live in villages, visit historical places, attend leadership camps, participate in adventure camps and are involved in so many activities that life is filled with excitement, each day.I think no school has a better sports culture than ours. It is because of this that our school students do exceptionally well at the National arena. We are indeed lucky to be studying in a school like ours. My school is fun, my school is exciting and each day in my school is full of opportunities, an adventure, and a discovery.
Oh my dear school I love you so much that I can not imagine my life without you.

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