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My Reflection Essay

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Timeline Reflection
Janette Brown Garcia
Westwood College

In the United States judicial system, everyone, no matter what their status in society or what the crime being charged, has a right to a speedy and just trial. When an element such as plea-bargaining is added to the mix, certain rights are revoked and people who would have been harshly sentenced had they had a trial, end up with a simple slap on the hand. Plea-bargaining has many favorable aspects especially when it comes down to the government saving some money. I would have to agree with those who believe that plea-bargaining does corrupt the American system of justice. The people who are receiving these plea bargains ...view middle of the document...

The success of rehabilitation programs in prisons and even in the community will depend on the commitment of the leadership in place. A program that integrates all the three models should be formulated and used in the management of the prisons. In my opinion, since the inmates will one day be reintegrated into society, emphasis should be placed on the community model. During the reintegration process however, caution should be taken to notice those individuals that are pretending or posturing whereas they are yet to reform.

The leadership should devote utmost effort to ensuring that each of the inmates understands that crime is evil and punishable. It is only in this way that people will not go back to crime upon being released. Besides this, other aspects of the community model such as probation are very useful in determining the conduct of the ex-prisoners. Delegating the responsibilities of probation to lower authorities closer to the residences of the affected persons is critical. The length of the probation period will be determined by the magnitude of the crime committed and the state of the prisoner during the time of reintegration into society. Members of the society will also be asked to monitor the behavioral progress made and report it to the authorities concerned. If surveillance is observed by every member of the community to ensure that no crime is committed or that every committed crime is...

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