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My Realization Essay

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Moral Development

To my realization about the topic of moral development that was discussed in the class highlighted me as a person. There to know that there are people having the same aspects as what I do.

As we grow we develop ourselves a person that which we are responsible to it. From our innocent minds, our parents were the first one in guiding and teaching us the good morals. As we grow we get connections to our surroundings especially to our fellow human.

Our surroundings are one of the most influential models in developing ourselves as a person. We can't avoid such moral if we focus ourselves to such things like the ones around us. Avoiding is hard if you find ...view middle of the document...

I as to have my first impressions to a person, I gather in formations from those people they are close, observing them to what they do, including their mannerisms, on how do they treat these certain kind of people, the tone of their voices according to the words they use and specially what do they do and act when they are alone by themselves.

To the activity was done made us think about ourselves with honesty to where do kind of personality belong. But come to think of it we all have that kind of personality there are just these personality that is high on percentage that mainly do, describe us and to which where we are reflected the most.


Defending oneself is not bad but where it should be done with a right and acceptable reason. Defense mechanism is normal to be done by all human beings, it mainly done by animals. It can't be avoided because every happening in our life is in need for us to defend ourselves for us not to get harmed.

I as a person do also defend myself when I know I'll get harm by that certain happening but by that I'm making it a way of observing those people again to know what I want to know about them. I know that sometimes in defending oneself, there are these people who are very judge mental that they can't even see that they're hurting those people around them.

It may also be called as 'lying' but not quite so to be. Many people do things on purpose and accidentally. In this manner, defense mechanism can be done on purpose but there in that situation that they have acted something wrong accidentally where sometimes whey got caught on act maybe they'll just pretend that it didn't happen or making an alibi that may get to the point that he is already lying.

Doing this kind of reality is not mainly means of avoiding but rather may be also called as escapism. We avoid not just because of the reason that we don't like it but we sometimes like to escape from the reality what we dislike even just for a moment but it shouldn't be tolerated to do this always because when this had become a hobby, a person will become weak and stupid when he gets to the point that he can't handle such problems and can't or he don't like to face it anymore.


Before we are told to answer this activity I saw this being answered by someone of my past classmate and there I got interested. Before answering the multiple intelligence I was first curios on what we should know about it, well my curiosity was very hungry that time that's why I immediately check it out and I find it very cool and interesting.

This kind of topic makes me feel alive because it is part of the mysteries of a human individual where this explains the similarities yet so different in ones unique way. And also I am interested to this kind of things, anyway.

This is a test not a...

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