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My Phone Died Essay

681 words - 3 pages

Barbara Andrade

Death in China

“What are we going to do?” My sister Debra asked.

“I have no idea,” I said.

“Let’s ask someone.”

We asked many people for help, but nobody seems to understand what we were saying. We were lost in China, and the battery of my phone had died.

One of our best friends, Marie, has been dreaming all her life with going celebrate her 24th birthday in Beijing, and she finally was going to make her dream come true. Debra and I, wanted to go so bad that we save money for a year so we could go surprise her. I planned everything, the flight, the hotel and even a tour for the city. We arrived to China on August 12; Marie’s Birthday was August 13.

“I’m so exited to surprise Mary” Debra said.

“I know, me too! Let’s go to our hotel and then go to the tour, that way in ...view middle of the document...

“We have 3 hours left, let’s do some shopping and then we can get in contact Marie.”

“That’s a good Idea let’s do it.”

Everything was so cheap that we were buying things like crazy, it was the perfect opportunity to buy presents for Christmas so that’s what we did. We were so lost in time and so impress by the unknown that we forgot about Marie’s party.

“OMG Barbara! What time is it?” Debra screamed.
“I don’t know! I don’t have a watch”

“Check your phone then!” I checked my phone and realize it had died.

“My battery died and I left my charger at the hotel”

Debra looked at me like she was going to kill me. “ Do you have the address of the hotel?”

“No, I don’t even remember the name”

We were lost in the middle of a Chinese market with people that didn’t speak our language; the only word they understood was “dollars.” I started crying my heart out. We didn’t know were to go or who to call.

“I’m sorry, I would never tough my phone was going to die.”

“Stop crying, it’s not your fault.” Debra comforted me. “Let’s walk, I remember the hotel was not that far from here.”

We walk for about 30 minutes, when I saw it! “There is it!” I screamed. “That is our hotel”

Running through the hotel entrance we start smiling and screaming, “ We did it!” when we hear a voice:

“Barbara? Debra? What are you doing here?” Marie was standing in the hotel lobby.

“Surprise! We came for your birthday, but it has been crazy”

We gave her a big hug and start telling her what had happen to us. We invite her over our room. I started charging my phone, but it didn’t worked.
“My phone isn’t responding!” I screamed, but nobody believed me. They told me to let it charge for the rest of the night and so I did.
When we came back from the party I went back to check on my phone when I saw the unexpected. It was burned! Marie explained that In China they use an adaptor for the charger, but they forgot to tell me about it. That was the last time I saw it. My phone had really died.

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