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My Philosophy Of Classroom Management Essay

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Renowned American Educators Evertson and Weinstein (2006) define classroom management as “the actions teachers take to create an environment that supports and facilitates both academic and social emotional learning.” This simple means that classroom management is a set of rules, words, and deeds that you, the classroom teacher, use to keep your classroom running smoothly so that you and your students can work, teach, and learn safely and efficiently.
I will first take into consideration the physical environment of my classroom. Since my students spend most of their time in the classroom, I have to make sure that they are in an environment where they are comfortable and safe. As a class we ...view middle of the document...

They are to head up their books writing their name, date and subject and wait for instructions quietly. When the instructions are given, they are to begin and do their work quietly. If a student should finish his/her work early, they are expected to remain quietly in their seat and read a book or do something constructive keeping in mind that their other classmates are still doing their work and will not like to be disturbed.
At the end of the day each student is expected to put away all the materials/resources they used during the day whether it is their personal stuffs or stuffs from the classroom. If they borrowed material from the classroom they are to place it back very neatly as they got it. Everyone will then stand as we sing the song “bits of paper”. Each student is to look on the floor and under their desk and pick up any piece of paper/garbage and throw it in the bin.
As a teacher it would be impossible for me to teach my students successfully if I am not in control of my student’s behaviour. In my classroom I will be the leader and set the tone of how I will expect my students to behave. As we all know children model what they see adult do, so if I am saying one thing to my class and doing another then my student will lose respect for me as the teacher and the rules that it applies to also. My students should be able to admire, respect, and relate to me as their teacher. I would try my utmost to model a love for learning by showing interest and enthusiasm in the lessons they I will be teaching. I will respect my students and treat each of them the same, meaning what I will do for one I will do for all.
One of my worst and life time memory of Primary school was being treated unfair by the principal, well not to me only but to my whole family. Somehow I just could not come to terms as to why I was being treated that way. But one day it all came to an end when I was in standard two. I was wrongfully been beaten by the Principal and the most hurtful thing was that it was suppose to be three persons to get licks and I was the only one receiving it that day, and on the same spot I was being stroke on over and over until I eventually grab the whip and off-loaded it back on her, my boy that was an experience I had loved while in the motion but turned out to haunt me until this very day, as I was been called “Miss Joseph mammy” even in front of her. But low and behold that was the last day that she ever laid her hands on me and I was never treated unfair after that from her or from any other teacher in the school. Each student in my classroom will be treated fairly as I will not want anyone to go through what I...

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