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My Personal Development Plan Essay

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Introduction & Goal statement 3
Self Assessment & Pride list 3
Resources 4
Motivation 4
Environment 4
Self Education 5
Action Plan 5
Conclusion 6
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My Personal Development Plan
Introduction & Goal statement
“Who fails to plan, planning to fail” (Winston Churchill)
We live in a rapidly changing world which makes it really difficult to set long term goals. Development plan for four years is a huge deal you never know what next day will bring; victory or fiasco, birth or death, answers or questions. As we go through life, we meet changes that make our character stand above and lay the foundation for our state. Of ...view middle of the document...

I am responsible and organized. I have chosen Asia Pacific University and Education Agency by myself. I have taken extra English Language classes. During my final year at the high school I took IELTS test and scored 6.5 points so I didn’t need to go for English courses when I came to APU. I am eager to learn, I speak three languages; Kazakh, Russian and English. In 2011 I won Kokshetau city Mathematical Olympiad among high school students. Good mathematical skills will help me when we will have subjects like accounting and finance and quantitative skills. I am confident that I can success in studying International Business Management and to graduate from APU with honor. However, I am not the best team player. This might be the biggest weakness I have, as long as it is difficult to discuss and mention own weaknesses. The main reason for the lack of my team work abilities is that in high school we used to have individual home works. Also, I have always told that if you want work to be done well, do it yourself. Here in APU we are having most of our assignments to be in a group, so I am looking forward to become a good team player, and convert this weakness to strength.
Different resources needed to achieve any goal. Apart from finances, which nowadays is vital for almost every project, resources for this plan can be divided into three categories which are; Motivation, Environment, and Self Education.
Motivation is crucial element in setting and attaining goals. It is a fundamental principle that is doing everything from getting out of bed, overcoming adversity, to conquering the world. The source of motivation may be the hardest and most important thing to achieve; it is the only resource that can bring you on without having any other resources. To remain motivated for a long period of time might be the only harder thing than becoming motivated. For me, the biggest source of motivation was to become a person that my parents would be proud of. To remain motivated it is important to follow the plan and record all achievements. Because having in mind how much has already done, and how much pain it would bring giving up the plan that you’ve been working on so hard and so long, makes it easier to wake up every morning.
Our motivations are shaped largely by our environment. The books we read, the people we talk to, as well as the random events that we happen to go through. All this input creates a belief system, or paradigm, of the way the world works and what we consider to be good, virtuous, or worthy of going after. Luckily for me I came to Malaysia, a Muslim country with many universities, students from different countries and teachers that have graduated from the best universities in the world. Discovering different cultures from...

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