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My Opinion About About Marxism Essay

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My opinion about about Marxism

I will start by saying I admire both the great Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels whom through their ideas and inspiration gave birth to Marxism.
Marx was a creative,idealist and a determinist scholar who was willing to change his mind when he's confronted with new ideas. I also believe that there were two Marx in the sense that the young Marx was more of revolutionist while the matured Marx was more of economist.
I wouldn't want to discuss in details about Marx's ideas but I believe that he was one of the greatest political scientist in the seventh century whose theories about society, economics and politics created the term Marxism. Marx basically ...view middle of the document...

Some people are naturally born to be great while others are born to be losers. Some are good with their head while others are good with their hands so there's always bound to be class difference. Like one of the principles of economics 'rational people think about the margin' some people might decide to drop out of school because they think its not worth it while others no matter how difficult it might be they will still persist on. Years later I wouldn't expect to see these two people on the same level.
The idea of creating a classless, stateless and moneyless with the Marxist ideology is impossible in my own opinion, we can only try to improve the lives of the less fortunate and bring justice to all.
The state can not be a universal class because people by nature are greedy and selfish. We only care about our own self interest and people put in high positions as civil servants can't be fully trusted to represent the universal class.
The adage " we all have equal vote but we all don't have equal right says it all. People with high positions will always have their way to influence decisions while the less fortunate will have less influence on decisions which affect the society.
On the other hand, even though Marx himself preached about communist he admitted that capitalist have produce more goods than any society in human history has ever done within a short period of time. One thing he was also wrong about was the fact that he believed sooner or later capitalist could end like any other form of government and will be replaced by communism. It's obvious that there's no sign of this happening now or later.
The fact is Marx was great and try to change the world by offering a testable...

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