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My Newborn Assessment Essay

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Newborn Assessment
Prior to the delivery of the baby, the nurse performs concurrent assessments and provides the necessary interventions needed for the patient and the fetus. Gestational age is determined by measuring the fundus height. Fetal Heart Rate monitoring is assessed to ensure the baby is in good standing.
During the Delivery process the time of birth is the precise time the entire body is out. The time of birth is recorded. During this time if the newborn in danger, he or she may be placed on the mother abdomen and the umbilical cord is cut.
After the birth, the primary focus on the assessment and stabilizing the ...view middle of the document...

Following suction, the newborn is then dried to stimulate crying. Temperature regulations is maintained by a blanket and placing the baby under a warmer. APGAR scoring system is performed and recorded at 1 minute and at five minute (Perry, S. E., & Cashion, K. (2007)). Heart rate is counted by holding the tip of the umbilical cord. The final APGAR score is the sum total of the five items, with a maximum score of ten (Perry, S. E., & Cashion, K. (2007)). The higher the final APGAR score, the better condition of the infant. The score is usually an 8 or 9. Vitamin K is usually administered to the infant for clotting formation and erythromycin acts as a prophylaxis (Silvestri, L. A. (2008)).
Assessments conclude: palmar-plantar grasp, startle reflex, ull-to-sit response, tonic neck, and sucking and rooting (Silvestri, L. A. (2008)). These many assessments are performed to ensure that all the babies reflexes are responsive.Vital signs are assessed and body measurements during the birth assessment. Infant identification are applied to the patient and mother to avoid infant abduction (Silvestri, L. A. (2008)). Parent teaching on formula feeding, breast-feeding, bathing (Perry, S. E., & Cashion, K. (2007)).

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