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My Most Special Special Momment Essay

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I like celebrations and parties; they are a good excuse to enjoy good company and let yourself go. However, as I have grown older, my perspective on celebrations has changed. When you are young, it seems as if the celebrations revolve around you; the adults smother you with their doting and shower you with presents only because they see you as an innocent little tot. You have no idea about the significance of the day. You just enjoy the attention.

As you grow older, you gain more knowledge and understanding about the significance of the practices and festivals. You enjoy everything but with a sense of responsibility and knowing.

Waking up early, really early, is my biggest bugbear. ...view middle of the document...

Why does she always wind me up? I grin and grit my teeth. Stay calm. Remember it is Eid. It’ll be over soon…

The family meal is the best part. Food is a good congregator, especially when there is plenty of it. The decorations add to the ambience of the occasion. Everyone waits in nervous anticipation. The atmosphere is buzzing. Let the feast begin!

I try to grab a seat near one of my uncles. He’s hilarious! You’re guaranteed a bundle of laughs when he’s around. A wicked combination of Del Boy and David Brent, he’s a crafty salesman who just hasn’t made the big time yet. He’s got that glint of tragic stardom about him. I bet he thinks he could have been big in Bollywood, which is probably why he’s always got that ‘If only…’ look in his eyes. I remember him this time last year telling us about a dodgy job-lot of ‘authentic’ Indian woodcarvings made in some back street workshop in Birmingham he had managed to flog! It’s like listening to a heroic traveller narrating the chronicles of his epic adventure to his people who themselves just don’t have the bottle to take risks.

At the end of the meal, there’s lots of...

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