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My Modest Proposal Essay

933 words - 4 pages

Ally Kandlbinder
British Literature
Mrs. Morris
An Adequate Suggestion
It is truly horrific to not be able to enjoy life and feel content because of the backward evolution of society. So many young teenage adolescents struggle with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and other mental disorders because they constantly feel like they are not good enough and put under intense pressure by the standards set in today’s world. The people of this earth, or at least the majority, are constantly trashing the earth at their own convenience. It is a burden to constantly have the feeling of being judged by society. The society we live in today tells us what to wear, how to act, how to get a ...view middle of the document...

We can all learn braille and establish an electronic bus system that doesn’t require a driver that needs their vision. We can all attend school for the blind and verbally order groceries that are robotically shipped to us. We don’t need to see in order to happily live our lives. Society has already metaphorically blinded us with what they think is correct, so why not physically do it as well? Our children and future generations should not be exposed to this kind of society, so we should just pop those eyeballs out when they are fresh out of the womb (childbirth will also have to be taken care of by doctors that cannot see).
So our vision is taken care of, but what about radio ads and other audible things? Not only will we be blinded, but our hearing will also be disabled as well. If society will not let us hear what we want to hear instead of what we are told to hear, then why not just take our hearing away all together? At least then we will be stuck in our own heads (which is what society causes us to do nowadays anyway). We will have nothing to hear, but our very own thoughts. As scary as that may sound, think of it this way: lots of the things you think in your head nowadays is caused by others worldly things you can see and hear so without those things available you will 100% your own thoughts. You won’t think you aren’t good enough because you saw someone skinnier than you, you won’t...

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