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My Life Journey Essay

1352 words - 6 pages

My Journey Through Life
Amber Hunnicutt
PSY 202
Sheila Fry
March 14, 2011

I. What was your family like?
a. Traditional
b. Middle child of three girls
c. Parents divorced

II. What things do you remember about your childhood?
a. Struggles my mom had to deal with
b. Holiday with family

III. Who were the important people in your life?
a. My grandmother
b. My grandfather

IV. Do you have your own family now?
a. My marriage
b. My children
c. Adopting a child

V. What would make you happy in the future?
a. Completing my BA degree
b. See my children in college
c. Continue living a happy life with my husband ...view middle of the document...

Middle kids bemoan their fate as being ignored and often grow resentful of all the parental attention given to the oldest and the baby of the family, and feel short-shifted” (Debroff, 2006). My older sister did more because of her age and my younger sister never did wrong and received most of mom’s attention. My parents divorced when I was eight. My dad left and the next time I seen him I was eighteen. My mother remarried a man that I would have to call my step-father. I never got along with him and to this day I still do not.
As time went on things never improved, memories of my childhood are very few. I remember my mom struggling to make ends meet with the finances, even after my mom remarried. My step-father never could keep a job. I have a few positive memories of the holidays at my grandparents. It was always fun to go there. I remember spending the weekends there and helping my grandparents on the farm.
My grandparents were the most important people in my life. If it wasn’t a school night I was at their house. When I was ten years old my grandmother was diagnosis with Breast Cancer. I would go with her for Chemo treatments. She made it through all her Chemo and after five years of readmission the doctors found a brain tumor. When I was sixteen, my grandmother got really sick. She passed away on April 1, 1994. My grandfather was more of a father to me. During summer break, I would stay with him and help with the farm. If I had a problem I would come to him for the answer. After my grandmother passed, I promised him I would always be there for him. He meant the world to me. I never wanted to disappoint him. To this day he is the reason I work so hard to get my degree. He pasted away on August 23, 2008. I had come to see him that week. The night he passed away, I was lying right beside him, with my head on his chest. I told him it was time for him to go join my nanny in Heaven. He took one more breath and was gone. Now, they both are together watching over me.
Let’s back up a few years and I will tell you about when I started my own family. One day in 1992 I met this boy on the school bus named Robert Hunnicutt. We started dating, a couple years past and we were still together. So I took him to meet my grandparents. That year he asked my grandfather if he could marry me. My Grandfather told him under two conditions, first he was to always take care of me and second was that he better not break my heart. That day Robert made a promise to him and to this day he has kept his promise. Then he asked me, we got married May 1, 1994. I was a sophomore in High School. We are...

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