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My Life In A Nutshell Essay

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Brown Bag Speech Haylee Mierisch

My Life in a Nutshell
My name is ........... I was born in ...... I was raised in .......... My life has been a roller coaster and I have my up and downs just like everyone else. When I was six I came into the foster care program. I appreciate my life because of my wonderful husband, my amazing little boy, my family, and the person I have become to make my dreams come true.
My husband’s name is .......... We met in the summer of 2010. I never thought I would ever find my soul mate until the day I met Daniel. Daniel and I got married eleven months after we met, ...view middle of the document...

That was completely true. But I would do it over in a heartbeat because it brought me......... Becoming a parent was one of hardiest things to do because I had to grow up and it made me realize there is our things to think about besides myself. You don’t realize what life is until you bring a life into the world. I love being a mom because I get the joys of waking up every morning knowing my baby was brought to life because of me. .......... is now 9 months old. He is crawling, pulling up on things, trying to walk, says dada and momma, and was four teeth. I get the joy every day to see his smiling face because he choose me as his mom.
..........are not the only important people in my life. I also have my foster family. I might as well been born in this family because they took me and my sister in as if we were their own. How did I become a foster child you ask? My real mom neglected us and choosing her boyfriend and drugs over us. Every day she had a boyfriend over, my sister and I would be locked in a bedroom with a bed, a bowl of food and water. And when I say that’s what we had, I’m not even joking. My mom was to cheap to buy us food and we had a few cloths, most at which we had to share. They would have holes in them and most of the time never be cleaned. We would spend week after week at babysitters, if she decided she needed to make money at a bar. I’m glad she did all this though the cops never would have come and picked us up and I would have never known the family I was raised up with.

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