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My Life Exprience Essay

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As the anonymous author’s article which is “My Life-Change Experience,” tells us that she had a lot of hard time when she just moved from her home country to another country. According to the author, she said that moving from one country to another was a life-change experience. When she got off the airplane, there were so many things that were not matched with her imagination from her childhood. The weather was not sunny as her expectation, but the air was quite good at that city. Besides this, because of language problem, she had a really hard time since she didn’t know English quite well. However, everything was getting better when she got used to the new city and met many nice friends.
After reading this article, it reminded me that my transformative moment in the last year which was moving to another country as well. I was a high school student in my country which is China, but things were changed since my parents decided to let me ...view middle of the document...

I had a really hard time when I was in that situation. But unfortunately I had to stay even if I was so homesick; it was a challenge for me to deal with it.
Although it was a really hard time in adapting the new environment in a new country, I felt it has benefit for me. I learned a lot of things that I couldn’t get if I continued studying in my home country and the experience made me a stronger person than before. First of all, I learned how to cope with loneliness when I felt lonely. Now I am still studying aboard by myself and I don’t feel lonely any more. I know how to make my life colorful and have fun in hanging out with friends instead of chatting with people who are in my home country through the internet all the time. And besides this, I learned how to cook and take care of myself. I totally don’t know how to cook before I came to the USA. But since I came here, nobody was able to help me, in order to feed myself I had to learn how to cook and how to cook well by searching on the Internet or asking my mom for some verbally help to get some ideas about how to cook and then I practiced. After several months’ practice, I could make some tasty dishes! In addition, I learned how to clean up my room and keep it clean. Before coming to USA, my room always really messy and my mom helped me to clean it but after a little while it became messy again really soon. But now I can keep it clean for long time. The most important thing is that I am able to do lots of things by myself. When I was in my country, my parents did most of things for me and arrange everything for me so that I don’t need to worry about, such as travel plans. Now I can arrange everything properly.
I don’t regret that being in USA even I had a hard time like the author, because this experience grew up my abilities for many things. As the author said, it was a life-change experience to move from a country to another. Yes, it is! My life changed a lot because of this experience. I became more responsible and independence, I can do most of things by myself instead of asking others for help. Moreover, I learned how to communicate with others and I am really confident. I appreciate this experience which changed my life a lot.

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