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My Learning Style Essay

936 words - 4 pages

What is my Learning Style?
Josh Hull
COLL 100
American Military University
Thomas Werner

What is my Learning Style?
During the course of this essay, I intend to discuss my own personal learning “style” or lack thereof and if the idea of a single “style” being the optimal way to learn. Although many people subscribe to this notion of a person having only one optimal way of learning – or style – I feel that this does not and cannot justly explain the multiple methods that I enjoy using to learn different subjects. I also believe that I cannot be so supremely unique as to be the only person that does not fit within the traditional “learning style” mold, thus leaving the only viable ...view middle of the document...

So here I am, a thirty-one year old college freshman, starting all over. But enough of that, now to the “meat and potatoes” of this essay.
I began this essay by stating that I did not subscribe to the notion that every individual has only one learning style by which they process and internalize information. I now intend to show that very thing by discussing the results of two different assessments. The first assessment that I participated in was the Learning styles online questionnaire. The results were as follows:
Visual | 6 |
Social | 12 |
Physical | 6 |
Aural | 15 |
Verbal | 12 |
Solitary | 14 |
Logical | 10 |

As can be clearly seen by this list and graph of scores, visual and physical were my lowest scoring “styles” while aural and solitary were my top two scores. Immediately after taking this assessment, I took the Penn State Learning style inventory which determined thus about my style after a few brief questions:
You are a VISUAL learner, be sure that you look at all study materials. Use charts, maps, filmstrips, notes and flashcards. Practice visualizing or picturing words/concepts in your head. Write out everything for frequent and quick visual review.
So, while I scored the lowest in the visual category on the one “assessment”, visual was my “one true” learning style according to the other “assessment” taken. One would assume that if this misguided theory were true that the results of two or three or ten or even one hundred assessments would yield the same results. Especially when taken one right after the other. There was no separation of time that would have allowed me to change moods, feelings or ideals that might have accounted for such a difference....

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