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My Last Duchess & Prophyria's Lover Speech Format

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My Last Duchess & Prophyria's lover speech -

“A poet paints pictures and appeals to our senses therefore creating a text worthy of our reflection”

The Victorian Era, distinguished as the century of Romanticism along with family values and dignity. Poetic minds consisting of Robert Browning, indulges us with the genuineness and creativity implanted in their poems. The composition of My Last Duchess and Porphyria’s lover are expressed with the vast concentration on the dramatic monologue. Application of language techniques for instance, personification, repetition and symbolism amplify the poem’s significance. The singularity of human character flourishes our senses in which we respond ...view middle of the document...

This illustrates his fondness of the painting which has concealed the Duchess’ smile. There is resemblance with another artwork, that is, the ‘Neptune taming of the seahorse”. It symbolises that the Duke sees control as a natural fixation. His character can be penetrated by peering into his desire for exceptional treatment. This abnormal psychological behaviour displayed by the duke, questions if the duke was responsible of his duchess’ death. Thus, this conveys Browning’s idea of making his readers see the interaction amongst these characters and create a complete picture of the speaker.

The sense of creativity in Robert Browning’s poems carries us to the language displayed in Porphyria’s lover. In the context of the poem, the personification of the storm is initiated. “The sullen wind was soon awake, / it tore the elm-tops down for spite”. This mirrors the psychotic and unstable mind of the narrator. It operates as a premonition towards the imminent dreary events intended for the audience. The storm sets the malevolent stage which symbolises an unsteady atmosphere. This can be interpreted as a sense of restlessness with the intention of absorbing the audience’s anticipation. In other words Browning expresses his view via tone for readers.

As the poem progresses, we hear the constant repetition of “and” which integrates eagerness. This composes the reader to pursue the actions of the narrator and...

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