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My Home Network Essay

650 words - 3 pages

My Home Network
Vinay Kumar Reddy Mandadi
Wilmington University

Home Network
"A network is an interconnection in between two or more systems or computers in an order to communicate each other by sharing the data ". Today, networking concept got importance by its features, especially of sharing the information and is widely practicing in an Organization level too. Mainly networking concept is categorized into 3 main categories based upon the performance namely LAN, MAN and WAN.
For our home purpose generally we use LAN technology. Local Area Network can up to a building and it can be either in Wired or in Wireless. For Wired Technology we use Ethernet Cables along with the Router, Switch, Hub and for Wireless WI-FI and Bluetooth technologies are widely using.
My Network:
We use Verizon as ISP that provide signal to my home network. Verizon gives a firewall that gives security ...view middle of the document...

WI-FI router is used to distribute the signal for the peripherals in the form of radio waves and before to this a modem is connected to the service provider to receive signal. I like my home network should be wireless because of some advantages like Greater Mobility, no need to worry about cables and no need to hide cables.

I use the wireless connection as I shown in the figure below. Of course it is same like the picture which I've shown in the above figure with a slight differences like " I don't have printer connected to my home network."

At my home, there are 4 laptops and 4 mobiles. Each device has its own ip address and these are directly connected to the wireless router .The wireless router is from a Comcast Xfinity with protocol of 802.11n with an encryption type of WPA2 which allows me safe browsing. In my home network firewall is between the router and the network provider, which meant for allowing authorized usage of internet by impeding the hackers. My home network is a small network with 8 systems only. So, there is no need to maintain separate server to maintain the operations otherwise I need to place my server in a de-militarized zone indicated in the above diagram. I used to perform the speed test and ping test at least once in a week due to which I didn't find any connection problems till now. My hardware is 6 months old of course I'm using IPV4 rather than IPV6 but this time I'm looking to update it to IPV6 which is an updated version of encrypted IP addresses.
I didn't have any smart TV which already been connected to my network and I used to connect all my peripherals with their corresponding mother boards rather than using any external USBs or Ethernet cables because my network is wireless. Wireless networks provides mobility and flexibility. Mainly for these two reasons I'm using wireless network only.
I figured out the IP address of each system and documented the same in the above figure resembling my home network with 8 systems connected to it.


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