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My Generation Essay

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Everyone sees the future in a different way; some see greater technological advances while others might see a more peaceful mankind. This indecisiveness leads to the ongoing debate as to whether or not this generation, Generation Y, has a role in America’s future. Considering our teenagers and children are the adults of tomorrow, I would argue that, in fact, they do have an impact. Every new generation has a role in the future of our country, as they fill the gaps of other people that can’t work anymore or have passed away. It just becomes a matter of how we use this power to impact society. Although the generation is very capable of producing great leaders, politicians, and a hands-on ...view middle of the document...

Coined by broadcast journalist Tom Brokaw, The Greatest Generation, “it is, I believe, the greatest generation any society has ever produced” (Brokaw, 11). As Brokaw argued, this generation may have made the most significant contribution to America. The citizens belonging to this generation had grown up during the destitution of the Great Depression, and then went on to fight in World War II. However, living their childhood these events was not enough as these unfortunate events in the United States had even greater unpropitious affects on our country. The affects left this generation to mend a broken economy and the opportunity to contribute to World War II. Nevertheless, the “Greatest Generation” refers to the resilience, courage and hope that led these people to invest in the world, in order to extricate the country from a falling doom. The generation distinguishes itself by means of total sacrifice, commitment and belief in their cause by every citizen of the United States. “They became coaches, fund-raisers, and advocates of causes large and small. The list of objectives most of them pursued in the postwar period is a study in mundane topics. Yet, the overwhelming majority of these men and women made a basic decision to build a better America and pass this accomplishment along to the next generation, which was arriving each year in homes and delivery rooms by the millions. For the GI generation, their families were their country” (Gambone, 189). These men and women stepped up when called to duty and manifested exceptional changes. These repercussions affected the era at that time, but still affect the country, as we know it currently.
Similar to circumstances seen during the time of the “Greatest Generation”, in today’s society we are struggling with many issues including, war and economic depression. These problems are complications that will rely on the men and women of Generation Y for alleviation. In order to leave our mark on society forever, my generation must mimic the efforts that the “Greatest Generation” carried out for the two periods parallel one another. By carrying out the can-do attitudes of people of the “Great Generation,” all tasks can positively contribute to the quality of life for...

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