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My First College Experience Essay

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The University of New Hampshire was the first college that I had ever visited. I graduated in the year of 2007 and due to my grades I felt I would never attend a college in my lifetime. The experience I gained from my visit at UNH, changed my mind into wanting to attend college, a year afterward.
It all started on the day of October 13th, 2007, were I received a call from my college friend Jonathan Taylor; while I was working a day shift at N.H. Coating Services. Jonathan had mentioned to me as we conversed, that a party was going to be going on that night at a fraternity house by the name of TKE. He had asked me if I would be interested in going up with him and another Nashua friend of ...view middle of the document...

It was dark, chilly, cloudy night; around 6:30pm, as we waited for my co-worker to arrive with our alcohol. After fourty-five minutes of waiting and downtime my co-worker finally arrived, being as sketchy as the location was, my fellow co-worker thought it would be fine to carry the bottle in plain sight, and personally hand us our booze. We all took a sigh of relief, but relized our know bottle of booze was within in reaching distance of each passenger. With know thoughts, Johnathan decides to drive away. So there we were all ready and anxious to arrive at our destination with the time now 7:15pm; we were finally on our way to UNH.
It's now 8:18pm and we have arrived on the campus of UNH, and what a sight it is, being my first college visit experience; and the night hadn’t even begun. Myself and John were in aw as to how to adept, and take in what was so real and nerve-wracking at the same time. We had now parked the car and were unloading the car to prepare for our night ahead. All of us now anxious; we arrived to the Christiansen Hall were Jonathan rooms. As we settle in his room we begin to start making drinks and playing a few drinking games, as we decide how to start off our night. As the alcohol flows and an hour and thirty minutes pasted and we decided we should go out and soak up what college has to offer the night life.
We decided to walk over to TKE to watch the Red Sox game, which started around 10:00 p.m. During the Red Sox game, we saw and acknowledged many familiar faces. The night went on and I noticed that the party was starting to die down. Shortly after, about five to ten minutes or so, the Red Sox game had just ended and my friends and I decided to go back to Christensen Hall, where Jonathan roomed. On the morning of Sunday, October 14th, 2007, around the time of 12:30 a.m., we had come back to Jonathan's room. I noticed that there was a table set up in the room near the desk with nothing on it, and there was nobody in the room. The door was unlocked and all I saw was clothes scattered throughout the room. My friends and I decided to call it a night, so we had to walk out to B-Lot where we had parked the car, to grab me and John’s clothes and sleeping bags. As we walked back towards Christensen, my friends and I saw other friends outside and we talked briefly about the game and the night. We came back into Christensen Hall and upon coming out of the...

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