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My First Big Break Essay

930 words - 4 pages

My First Big Break
Larry Bland
Essay #1 (Narrative)
9 September 2008
Mr. Murphy
WRTG 101/A502
870 Words

My First Big Break

When I was nine, my family and I lived smack in the middle of St. Louis, Missouri. One day my mother dragged me and my brother to one of her drab Girl Scout Leader’s meetings. The building was located on the outskirts of downtown St. Louis. It was a breezy spring evening. I could smell freshly cut grass mixed with the harsh exhaust fumes from the nearby highway. My brother and I played outside the long one story church building; so we wouldn’t disturb the gross of adults. A small McDonald’s Kid’s Meal beach ball was the focus of our fun ...view middle of the document...

“What happened? Get up there and get the damn ball,” he quietly but sternly stated. I mustered what was left of my courage and shot up. I stretched out my arm and watched as my fingers narrowly missed the goal by less than an inch. Little did I realize I fully committed to the reach without thinking about the return trip? The next image I saw was the ground getting closer and moving faster than I desired. SLAP! All that could be heard was the unmistakable sound of my flesh making contact. A numbing sensation draped over my body after I slammed onto the unmovable force of the concrete sidewalk. I was concussed from the abrupt landing; shaking inside from the rush of adrenaline coursing through my every nerve. No thought, just awe at what occurred in that split second. Suddenly, the flavor of a metallic copper taste rushed over my pallet. A warm liquid oozed down the back of my throat. Crimson droplets trickled upon the concrete. My nose was bleeding! I attempted to plug my nose. My hand didn’t reach my face? What was this…why? In a glance, it hit me. No air, my lungs frozen in fear. I focused on the unrealistic sight of my misshapen right arm. Six inches from my elbow, my forearm was forced upward into the shape of a goose neck. Both bones snapped; collapsed under the strain of my futile attempt to catch my 100 pound body as I dropped like a brick from its perch. I was unable to look away; though I didn’t want to believe what I was seeing.

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