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My Favourite Hobby Essay

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My favourite hobby. Now what is my favourite hobby. Well I thought for quite sometime and came to a rather different conclusion. I love watching TV but just not 303 Disney channel or 101 mnet I would rather switch to 200, press the ok button, and get the latest sporting news. The sports I’m most likely to watch are soccer, rugby, cricket and tennis.
Why soccer you might ask?
Well I play a lot of soccer and since the 2010 world cup is going to be held here it’s more encouraging. Soccer is also a very vast sport and many countries around the world play soccer. I would say it’s the most popular.
My personal favourtie club is LIVERPOOL and country is Spain mostly because Fernando Torres ...view middle of the document...

20 20. I support SA and my favourite players are JP Duminy, Hashim Amla, Herchelle Gibbs and Shahid Afridi.

Why tennis? Well tennis because my family is a tennis family and when I say a tennis family I mean it. My moms two brothers were no 1 in south Africa amongst the Indians colureds and Blacks. I also feel quite connected to the sport when I watch and it makes me want to go outside and hit a few balls. In tennis I support Rafeal Nadal and Fernando Verdasco from Spain in the woman Mari Sharapova and Elena Dementieava from Russia and Venus Williams from The USA. Well I also love tennis because I’m naturally good at it and it’s the sport I’m most confident in.

Now lets get down to my obsession. Every single day I press ok on any supersport channel and check all sports news.
I know the rankings in tennis men and woman. I watch every Australian open, roland garros aka French open, Wimbledon, US open, ATP and WTA masters series, davis cup and the list goes on.
I check every log fixture and result in the Absa Currie Cup, Super 14, , Fifa World cup qualifiers, Super sport series, stanerd bank pro 20 series, Barclays premiership, CARLING CUP Italian series a Spanish la liga, Uefa Champions league, Telkom knockout even the PSL and the list as usual the list goes on.

You can ask me who’s who in the zoo in a team.
If I miss a game at night. First thing In the morning I check.
My Siblings call me SA statistics because if we are watching a game and they ask a question I will immediately check it on the ok button. I KNOW I AM A FREAK.

Here is another example of me being...

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