My Favorite Place (Creative Writing) Essay

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I am a dreamer and I dream of the world. One with secrets and lights in the

shadows… my shadows, my secrets to keep. A calm peaceful place and yet different,

so very different. My own small safe that holds my loves, desires and passions. A dark,

clouded world with its own thoughts. Secrets are quiet and honest but most of all…

hidden. I can keep one or share it. I choose to share mine, my haven, my life, my secret,

to you.

        My secret is filled with forests that’ll listen and talk at the same time and filled

with valleys, hills, mountains and shores. The secret is bright like a spring morning and

soothing like the sounds of an ocean wave crashing on the rocks. Under the sky’s dark

blanket of shadows and it’s vast variety of gems and jewels, I dance to the song of the

crickets and fireflies. As dawn peeks up over the horizon ...view middle of the document...

Where the breeze sweeps up my hair and the sun

Provenghi 2

dances on my skin; a place to think about life and its simplicity. Far along the path is a

mystical waterfall that is as gorgeous as love. The crystal water glides over the jagged-

edged rocks, rushing down into the small chaos of white and aqua. Right at the base is a

place to sit, its unobtrusive like colors to the blind and perfect like an angel’s voice. A

peaceful place to meditate and dream of wild adventures and journeys; to dream of wild,

plump, juicy strawberries on a fresh summer morning. And in the late afternoon, on a

grassy hill, we sit under the old oak tree, and feel safe and protected in his arms. We sit

and share secrets while waiting for the stars to perform; as dusk creeps upon us, he kisses

me and holds me tight, I can feel his love surround me. The suns’ rays bounce off the

now orange-stained clouds; hues of purples and pinks fill the sky with liveliness. A deep

blue sets at the horizon, the sun’s reflection shown in our eyes. As the stars start to shine

and dance in the vast velvet sky, I gently start to dance with the familiar song of the

crickets. The indigo clouds form shapes to find and the comets fall with power. My love

sings a song of peace and life is perfect; my wonderful utopia. I softly lay my head upon

his shoulder and close my eyes to enter the world of sleep.

        This is a secret, hidden from the world; it’s a world full of hope, laughter and

joy. A beautiful secret that should be shared with all and all should share. To have a

secret full of wonders and earthly beauties is mystical and mine; mine to explore. Once

in a while we need to find our secret worlds. If I can find paradise in our frenzied world

then why can’t others? Do you have a secret? One that can reveal beauty? One with

velvet skies or green hills? With love everlasting and eternal peace? Hope you can find

that one special secret.

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