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My Dream Essay

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I was going up to hike Old Rag with Melissa, Jackie, and Stephanie. We drove there and parked on the side of the road. Somehow the entrance up to Old Rag was on Route 7 near my house, but the trail up was very steep and brambly. We were just getting started when I noticed that Melissa and I weren't carrying anything. I asked her if we had any water or lunch and she said no. Just then, I saw the head of a dog poking up out of the dirt by the side of the trail. I lean over and pick it up and a whole dog wriggles free. The dog writhes in my arms and I put it down. It looks like a Welsh corgi. I yell to Jackie and Steph to stop (they had gone ahead on the trail). They don't stop, so I ...view middle of the document...

I look in the vegetable drawer, and I pull out a large onion. In the back of the vegetable drawer I see a number of small, yellow apples. I pick one up and it sticks to the drawer because it is starting to rot and some of the juices have leaked out and jelled on the drawer. Most of the apples are too far gone to eat, but I think about taking an apple that is only slightly soft on one side. I decide against it and decide I'll just go with chips and sandwiches for lunch. I look for bread, but I can't find the loaf. Everyone in my family is eating hot dogs now, so I look around and find a hot dog bun on the counter. I keep looking and I find small pieces of bread everywhere. There are halves of slices with a bite taken out of them, half-eaten pieces of toast, random chunks or bread, and even some pieces of toasted raisin bread. I take it all, figuring I can fit the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle. I then get a big bottle of grape jelly from the refrigerator and go to the pantry for peanut butter. There are two kinds of peanut butter there and I decide that I'll have the smooth peanut butter and give the crunchy peanut butter to Melissa. I do this so we can tell our sandwiches apart, as if this is very important for some reason. I am using a recipe to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for some reason. The recipe calls for mixing together the jelly and peanut butter with large scoops of mayonnaise. I mix it up and start spreading it on the bread and I decide that it looks absolutely disgusting. I start scraping it off the bread and I yell to my mother that this recipe looks terrible. She replies that it's an old recipe and she always leaves out the mayonnaise when she makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I try to salvage what I can out of the mixture. I didn't mix it up very well, so I can dig out pockets of pure peanut butter. I spread the peanut butter on the bread, then go after the jelly. Somehow, now, the jelly has been mixed with some kind of greenery, looks like juniper or something similar. I don't think that this is strange, and scoop the jelly-covered juniper onto the bread, on top of the peanut butter. As I add the jelly-covered mass to the bread, I think to myself that Melissa will be so surprised to see me eating vegetables. I look at the clock and think that I better hurry. It's eleven o'clock and we're going to have to hike Old Rag very fast if we want to get home before dark. I look back at the table to see how the sheep is doing and the dream suddenly shifts. I'm still in my kitchen, but now I'm holding the sheep in my hands and it has turned into a pile of whipped cream. It looks like a swirled-up cone with a large scoop out of its side gone. It actually looks nothing like a sheep, but in my dream I call it a sheep because at the top of the cone it is curved into something resembling a raptor's beak. I think that this is a very sheeplike characteristic. Somehow time has jumped back to...

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