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Amazing. Fun. Thankful. Time of my life. An opportunity seized. Pivotal. These are the words that come to mind when I reflect on my college experience. From 1978 to 1982, I was making decisions and memories that would last a lifetime. Some aspects of this time period I have wished I could repeat, but for the most part, I am who I am today because of how my college experience has shaped me. In this paper I will share about the factors that most impacted my development during my college years, specifically in the areas of psychosocial, cognitive, and spiritual growth. Then, I will link those stories to the student development in college theories we are discussing in this class. ...view middle of the document...

I graduated from Pacific Union College with a 2.99 GPA. So the decision to be prepared to get a job right out of college had a major impact on my entire college experience.
This decision led me to getting hired to work on the college newspaper as a reporter and writer by the end of my Freshmen year. From there, I got a job with the yearbook as a photographer, and by my senior year, I was the editor of the college yearbook the year the school celebrated its 100th birthday. I even was given the opportunity my Senior year to be a contract teacher for the college to teach Photo-journalism to the undergraduates in the program. Since my degree choice was Public Relations/Journalism/Communications, I wanted to be gain experience in that area while in college so that I could land a job right after graduation. In addition to my student publication experience, I got a freelance job at the local hospital as a photographer. And to complete my degree, I needed to do two summer internships: one was as a reporter for a community newspaper in my hometown, and the other was in a public relations office at the university where I hoped to get my first job out of college. All I wanted was to have something to put on my resume to show that I would be a good recruit, even as a new college graduate. All of this experience paid off, because I was hired at the university where I did a summer internship within two months of graduating from college.
Having a very clear goal when entering college had a major impact on my college experience. It seems that I entered college with a higher level of cognitive development that some of my classmates. I owe my successful 22-year career in Marketing to the focused decision I made about how I wanted “to do” college. Every decision I made had to meet the criteria of “was it fun” and “did it help me gain work experience.” This goal had a major upside: it kept me out of trouble; it kept me focused; I met some great friends in the same profession; I got a job right out of college; however, with this goal came a down-side.
While my professional experience was growing, my social interactions were limited and few. I believe that I had a lower psychosocial development level entering and exiting college than I did my cognitive level of development. Yes, I had friends, but the topics of conversation were “professionally-based.” I could hold my own as it related to conversations about graphic design, marketing, public relations, photography, and writing, but ask me to hold a conversation founded in small talk or personal sharing…forget it! I really had no skills in this area. While most girls were dating and going out, I was either working on the college paper or yearbook, developing pictures in the photography darkroom late into the night to meet a deadline, or studying. You see, I was really insecure with myself. I had a lot of unresolved pain from childhood. I wanted to be liked. I wanted to be noticed. I wanted to be appreciated....

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