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My Decision To Pursue Mba Essay

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My Decision to Pursue MBA
In this paper I would like to illustrate an argument, my decision to pursue an MBA degree to become a business owner or explore a more exciting career. By using the Jungian 16-Type Personality Assessment results, I can substantiate and establish why the decision to pursue an MBA was the right decision. I firmly believe that a degree in engineering combined with a MBA can reward a very successful, satisfying and a challenging career for me.
The educational background has a great influence on our personality and the decisions taken regarding our career prospects. That explains why engineers are analytical, those from the management sector are strategic, those from ...view middle of the document...

MBAs are generally offers responsibilities spanning different functions in businesses and large enterprises. Though the MBA course requires a substantial commitment of both time and resources, it’s a very valuable asset. The MBA Program not only facilitates me to reach my personal goal however, it can assist me in becoming a more successful leader; sharpen the managerial skills and tools such as communication and motivating people. MBA program will expose us to a wide range of subjects like economics, accounting, finance, marketing, operations management, supply chain management, organizational behavior and project management. After covering a breadth of subjects in two years, I will have the opportunity to specialize in the subject of my choice. Master of Business administration program can help us to build the leadership skills and so it’s extremely imperative to be doing well in the corporate world. “Progressive companies understand that they must create a workforce as diverse as the customer base that they serve. Diversity has become a strategic business issue in U.S” (Nixon & West, 2000 p.4). So qualified management professionals from diverse culture have ample opportunities to prove their potential in the new world of globalization.
According to the results of my Jungian 16-Type Personality Assessment, I had a score of “INTJ”. This translates into my personality being “skeptical, critical, independent, determined and stubborn”. I agree with most of this assessment but I don’t believe that I am highly independent or stubborn. Possible careers as “Business analyst, business planner, engineer or scientist”. It’s quite interesting now working as an engineer; there I need adequate analytical skills to persevere in my profession. The interpersonal skill at the work place is an added quality for to be successful in the chosen area.
I reason that certain coursework that I will take towards obtaining the MBA will enrich me with the analytical skills needed to become an efficient manager. Even before taking this assessment I always have been known for being a determined person and in a management position if you’re not determined, motivated and dedicated, you’ll never succeed.
MBA will build the developmental skills in specific fields, such as finance, marketing, strategy in order to get certain positions in industry. When I read carefully the whole syllabus, I understood that this program will supplement me to a greater extent to trail my dreams by acquiring sufficient skills and knowledge to become a successful manager or a business man. According to Coolidge (1997), Workers feel confident enough to step out of the workplace, knowing a job will likely be waiting when they return. More people also accept responsibility for their own career development and see the MBA as the track to success.
MBA will open the window of...

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