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My Clean Energy Essay

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My father invented a machine that generates electricity in a manner compliant with environment conservation. He isn't the right person to take this to the next phase, so he asked me to get involved.

I will (initially) own my father's machine. I don't want to run a business.

I've labelled the world's areas in three regions:
Region 3: Selling the machine is illegal at this time.
Region 2 & 1: Selling the machine is legal. A houseowner with the machine can supply electricity to the power company, which in turn sells the electricity to others at a profit.
Region 2: A private energy supplier who generates more power than s/he uses receives no bill for the electricity used.
Region 1: ...view middle of the document...

.. people who already know each other, who work well together, who get results. Ideally, some of these people want to move to Europe, to New Zealand, to the United States, and later to developing nations... or, who already network effectively in these places. If one of these people wants to move to Taipei to handle Asian relationships for me, that's okay with me.

Ideally, I'd like to see this lobby group start without debt.

Depending on the nature of the personalities and skills that come together, this lobby group has an opportunity to own a formidable business if it wants to (and can afford to) acquire clean energy competitors.

Through me, this lobby group / business can legally operate in Canada, USA, Britain, EU and any commonwealth member that still gives British citizens the right of abode.

I'd like to start with government money. I've started to look into grant information from various country governments and IMF/WB/WTO.

I have about 2-3 spare hours per day that I can spend on this, so you can...

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