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My Bibliography Essay

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I am Maria Regina S. Pantaleon born on March 16, 1995. I grew up in Tambubong, San Rafael, Bulacan. My parents, Mrs. Adelaida S. Pantaleon and Mr. Leonardo V. Pantaleon Jr. instilled in me values, morals, and taught us, my brother Dominic and younger sister Leah, to stand on our own.
I spent my kindergarten at Makati, Manila due to my father’s work but eventually ...view middle of the document...

I graduated elementary in St. Mary’s College Baliuag at the year 2007. I am presently a senior student at St. Paul College San Rafael. I’ve been studying there since I was first year. I was exposed in different kind of schools, met new people and learned to make friends.
I came to know life in school, how to make myself responsible and independent. I strived hard to reach the top and be a consistent honor student; it became survival and all about efforts. I became exposed in academics and curricular activities. As the years passed by, I learned more about leadership and perseverance. I joined trainings and seminars to gain more experience and to share my knowledge to students and youth like me. I helped in facilitating programs in school and became an officer in our club. I came to know how to face the large crowds, performing and talking in front of the stage, learned how to stand in front of many people. I participated different kind of contest in school. And learned what life is.

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