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My Best Friend Essay

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As a human being, we cannot live alone in this world. This life is better and more livable if we have many friends.Getting a friend is easy and you can choose someone who can be your friend,but getting a best friend is too difficult to find.Best friend is different from a friend in every way.Because she/he is not only our friend but also she/he is our mirror.We share our private problems with them. Everyone has a best friend in their life. They can be from his/her school or they can be neighbour.But my best friend is a bit different from them.My mum is my best friend.In my short eighteen years I realized that friends come and go but there is just one person who has always stayed by my side through and thin is my mom.Whatever I do,she always be by my side and love me jus the same as before.I know,I can always trust my mom in my whole life.She has lived with me since I was ...view middle of the document...

But in generally,she dresses fit well with the way she looks.
Moving to her appearance,my mother has always her hair cut a bit short.Now,she has copper hair.She changes her hair-dye whenever she wants.Before copper hair, she had had yellowish hair. And her new hair-dye fit well her. It is shining like a sun when I look at it. She has beady and dark brown eyes. She has aquiline nose. She has well-shaped lips and her cheeks are like a rose and they look good.She is curvy and tall.She has no wrinkles as if she were younger than me and nobody think that she is your mother.They think that she can't be your mother,she is like your friend or your sister. And she likes this situation.She is always well-groomed.But well-groomed is not enough to describe her. Because she is like a mysophobe.My mother's physical appearance is simply unique from others.
Last but not least, the most important reason why she is my best friend is her characteristic features.My mother is also a super helper for me.For example,I couldn't sleep whole night when I was so ill and she didn't sleep with me.She was always sitting my bedroom and watching me whether I was good or not. I share my every private problem with her.She always knows my boyfriend.Suppose that I have a boyfriend and we break up. She is so helpful that she drops out of the sky like an angel.She is good listener in these situations.She is honest and trustworthy. If I was wrong,she warns me about the situation that I was wrong. She always directs me like a compass.
In a nutshell,my mum is the best friend I have ever had in my life.She will always stick up me and she will always give advices and she will be always with me for me.When I grow up,I want to be the same way to my daughter or my son as she is to me.My mother is my hero,my friend,my best friend.Only thing that I have is my mom. I remember a song while I am writing this essay and there is just one word that I love it "Mama is the dearest person to you in the world".. My mother is the dearest person to me and I love her because of her patience,compassion and toughness.

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